(Last Updated On: May 10, 2019)

Learning to pole dance for fitness is progressive. In a basic sense, by progressive, I mean that you must complete the pole dancing lessons for beginners before you can work on intermediate pole lessons. But don’t take that statement lightly.

Often time’s people get bored with beginner lessons and want to skip ahead, especially if you are already fit. However, when you are learning to pole dance for fitness, skipping ahead isn’t as easy and can be dangerous as well. You see, in a normal mainstream fitness class at a gym such as a dance aerobics class, beginners may be able to move into intermediate levels rather quickly and this concept fosters the belief that the same can be done in pole fitness dancing.

Not True.

There more things beginner’s needs to understand and accomplish before they can excel forward that are critical. For example, beginners must develop a pain tolerance on the inner thighs before they can execute intermediate pole sits.

A person can be physically fit enough to execute the move, but her skin and pain tolerance may not be ready. Gripping the pole properly and developing the strength in the skin in an important beginner step to accomplish before moving forward.

Our mindset as humans is to naturally want to do more than our bodies are ready for.

In addition, in the pole fitness dancing world, I feel that what is considered “intermediate level” is often way too hard for the average everyday women to accomplish. That’s why I created the Home Pole Dancing Lesson For Everyday Women so that there were pole dancing lessons online that were more realistically tailored to the everyday women who wants to use pole dancing for exercise but not get into the contortion type “risky moves” that most mommies never aspire to do.

BUT BEWARE** don’t think that everyday women can’t do more complicated intermediate moves. Even if you can’t do one pull up now and you think you are too overweight to even try pole dancing as a fitness regimen, you might be pleasantly surprised that you can and do have the potential to do some pretty fancy moves that involve inverting (hanging upside down on the pole) or even a superman pole move on your home pole dancing pole!

It’s a matter of learning how to execute each move properly and safely. Once you get the hang of it and your body adjusts to gripping to pole with your skin, then your potential to do more advanced pole spins and moves is likely to happen!  You must commit to progressively learning pole.

Many women who have already bought my Home Pole Dancing Lessons For Everyday Women have asked for more advanced moves.

As a response to the demand, I have added more intermediate level moves and spins to the Home Pole Lessons For Everyday Women course.   Below is a list of new Level One Intermediate video tutorials that have been added:

(Watch the One & Two Handed Seated Plank for free below)

The pole I am using in the video above is the Pro Quality No Brand Pole Dancing Poles For Home.

If you already own the course, you can log in here and access the new videos for free now >>

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