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Pole Dancing For Beginners Lesson in FloorWork

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When you first start to learn pole dancing at home, you begin by learning the basic pole dance spins, move, grips, and holds. Pole dancing for beginners can get taxing on the arms very quickly. Often times, a beginner can completely fatigue their arm muscles within 10 minutes by repeatedly practices new pole spins and tricks. 10 minutes isn’t a very long workout so that’s why adding floor work is important to balance things out and maximize your dance workout time.

Floor work is one of the most important parts of a pole dance routine because it gives you a “break” between exhausting and challenging pole moves and holds as well as gives more room for expressive dancing.

When you are in the middle of a spin or hold on your home pole dancing pole, all of the energy of the dance and its creative expression is wrapped up in executing and holding the move or spin. Floor work allows you to freely move your body in more creative and expressive ways so that your dance works with the music lyrics and not against it.

Good expression during a pole dance is the hanging difference between a pole dance that tells a story while being engaging and interesting to watch and a pole dance that is a string of moves with no connection to the music at all.

Floor work helps a dancer bridge that gap and take a pole dance from a boring string of moves to a true dance full of life and storytelling.

When pole dancing for beginners, I would suggest learning these key floor movements:

  • The Goddess
  • Tick Tock
  • Speed Bump
  • Modified and Full shoulder rolls with different leg positions
  • Knee poses
  • Hip Rolls
  • Fan Kicks
  • Bridges
  • Floor body rolls

Here is a great pole dancing lesson for beginners to learn 3 basic pole dance floor moves:

YouTube video


You may also need a pole dancing move to get you off the floor and back onto your feet, here is a video for that:

Beginner Online Pole Dancing Lesson – Learn To Pole Dance At Home!! from on Vimeo.

Remember, in the beginning, floor work may hurt your knees, especially if they are bony and if you are dancing on a hard surface. Practicing your beginner pole dance moves with knee pad protectors will be a great benefit and allow you to practice longer.

Once you get the move just right, you won’t need to repeat it so much and you probably won’t need the knee protectors as much. They are, however, a perfect addition to any pole dancing gear and I highly recommend knee pad protectors, especially for beginners.

If you loved these videos and want more floor work movements along with pole dancing routines that include choreographed floor work then check out the Home Pole Dancing Lessons For Everyday Women, or shop our online pole lessons store.



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