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The Right Pole Dance Clothes | What to Wear for Pole Fitness

What to wear pole fitness? There are many pole wear brands, exotic pole wear, high waist pole shorts. Here we will help you to find the right pole dance clothes.

For some people who are looking to lose weight and work out in a gym, finding clothes is easy. Any average store like Target or Wal-Mart carries fitness clothing. You can always start exercising with a pair of shirt, sweatpants, leggings, or bra top. But are they right for a pole dancing class? What should you wear to a pole dancing lesson?

When you go the unconventional route of losing weight with a workout like pole fitness, finding something to wear becomes daunting.

When it comes to pole dancing for a workout at home, having fitness wear is important. Moreover, pole wear that will allow you to dance comfortably on a dance pole. Wearing baggy clothes gets in the way of your dancing and is a poor clothing choice. Because it doesn’t allow your skin to grip the dance pole properly. So most pole dancers wear tank tops, bra tops, and booty shorts designed for pole dancing.

The Right Level Of Skin Exposure

Nonetheless, first-time pole dancers feel self-conscious about this. Mainly because they still don’t have the same level of body confidence and awareness that other seasoned dancers have developed. This is ok, as a beginner, most people wear tight fitting shorts (which are longer than booty shorts but don’t go to the knee) and a spaghetti strap tank top. This works because as a beginner you can get more “coverage” until your sense of self confidence builds and you won’t need as much skin exposure in the beginning.  You need it more as you advance into harder pole tricks.

There is a cornucopia of pole dancing fitness clothes available in the market from the simple spandex tank tops, bra tops, and shorts to sexy two-piece bikinis, foot undies, and more!

The dance pole market is saturated with pole fitness apparel products that it gets confusing deciding what to buy. The key is knowing where and for what purpose you are wearing your pole fitness clothes for. Answering the questions, “will I be wearing this for regular pole fitness exercise at home. Or for pole fitness sport or artistic performance?” will surely help you narrow down the kind of pole fitness apparel you are going to purchase.

For pole fitness beginners and for those looking for pole dancing clothes for regular pole fitness exercise, you don’t really need anything fancy. So you can get away with a pole bra top and pole booty shorts or a regular tank top or spandex shorts.

The Best Shorts As Pole Dance Clothes

Shorts should be short revealing the inner thigh available to grip the pole. It’s best if the bottom of the short has a well stitched band to keep you butt cheeks from fall out and keep the shorts from crawling up to high while dancing.

This leaves you with enough skin exposed to help your body grip the dance pole while doing your pole fitness dance moves. If you are looking to feel sexier and edgier in your pole sport or artistic performance though, there are specific brands that cater specifically to this which allows your imagination to run wild with the use of fabric as well as the design!

Feeling insecure about your belly fat?  Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us, it’s normal. High waisted empire shorts are the ultimate solutions to create more comfort when dancing on the pole in short shorts.

Foot Protection For Pole Dancing

Pole dancing stilettos or stripper heels, however, are optional and you can choose to buy them or not depending on your level of comfort. Should you use to forego wearing stripper heels, foot undies to protect your feet while dancing barefoot will be of good use to you as they allow you to pivot with ease around your dance pole.

Among the many pole dancing workout attire I love is, of course, Dragonfly top and bottom  as well as the fun Patriotic fitness top and bottom which I carry in store at The material, as well as the make, is really high quality and they are made in the USA! Not only is it aesthetically appealing but it incorporates functionality in its designs as well. I also carry my own range of pole fitness clothes in the shop which you can browse through here ==>

Can You Wear Leggings As Pole Dance Clothes?

Yes!  But obviously they are only useful in certain ways. They are perfect for warming up the thigh prior to a pole dancing lesson while stretching. They are also very nice for floor work as they protect your skin from rubbing the floor too much.

Some basic beginner spins that don’t require the use of the legs can be done in leggings to!  It’s just important to dress for what you plan to do for the day.

Again, it is important to find pole fitness apparel that you are comfortable with. You don’t necessarily have to show too much skin, but enough for your body to get a grip on the pole so you don’t fall off since as much as your clothes are there for aesthetics, they are also designed to help lessen pole fitness related injuries and accidents. You clothing choice will change with time as you learn as well.

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Happy pole dancing!



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