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Pole Fitness Shorts For Your Next Pole Dance Classes!

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Pole fitness shorts are great for pole dance and to keep fit. Read to know more on how to select pole wear and also how many calories does pole fitness burn.

Pole dancing popularity is growing. As a result the needs for everything pole dancing related will rise. And of course we can’t blame the pole dance enthusiasts, beginners for being hooked on this art/dance. Pole dancing is a full body workout. That being said, pole dancing has many benefits for your body and well-being and here are some:

It’s good for your heart, like any form of moderate to intense workout and blood flow. Since all muscles are being engaged at some point with all your bending and stretching. By the way, it is highly important for women who spends hours sitting on a chair.

How Many Calories Does Pole Fitness BurnReasons To Start Pole Dancing For Fitness

Pole dancing is good for your bones and joints. More specifically, with pole dance moves like; gripping the pole, using your upper core, lifting your body etc. Since you are not putting huge stress on your joints (as you would if you are running) pole dancing classes is a very safe form of exercise too.

Pole dancing is great for developing strong bones and joints.

Pole dancing helps you burn calories quickly. For many women and men weight is becoming a huge issue. Pole dancing being a full body workout is a great isometric and cardio vascular exercise. Therefore it is enabling you to burn as many calories in a 30 minute workout. Aerobics and similar sports lead to significant weight loss over several months.

Pole dancing also help builds your confidence. The pole dancing routines, needs some getting use to. Certain moves like strengthening your muscles might need some developing to do. Pole fitness also improve your confidence. You’ll be more confident with the way you walk around the pole. You’ll be more confident in yourself, and even improve your posture! The more you develop your skills on the dance pole the more you will become confident in real life as well.

These above mentioned are just some of the health benefits of pole dancing. Although there’s always more to discover!

a woman inverting in a pole bikini wear and Pole fitness shorts and pole wear blogCommon Mistakes People Make When Choosing Pole Fitness Shorts For Pole Dancing Class

Mistake #1: You might think any old shorts will do for pole dance fitness. and Your first instinct might be to run down to Target and buy a pair of regular running shorts. This is a bad idea for many reasons. First, most fitness shorts (like running shorts for example) are fit loose around the leg. While lose fitting shorts might be cute and comfortable, they will also show your crotch when you do a wide leg stretch in pole dance class!

There are many pole dancing moves that require you to keep the legs out wide to the side. Shorts that are not fitted on the thigh can be quite revealing.

Mistake #2: Buying clothing that digs or pinches the skin. Clothing that digs or pinches the skin not only creates an ugly “pooch” on the skin, but it’s uncomfortable and lacks the flexing in the material necessary to execute many dance movements.

Mistake #3: Buying shorts that are very long, like biker spandex. Any short that runs down to the knee isn’t going to allow for proper grip in the pole with your inner thighs, causing you to slip down the pole.

What are the Best Pole Fitness Shorts for you?

Finding good quality pole dancing attire is important. As you will find out as you start to train or take lessons, there is one piece of clothing you wouldn’t want to be without – shorts!

Pole shorts are great for pole dance as any pole dancer would know, however there’s a ton of varieties to choose from and your keys in finding the right shorts for you are: comfort, style and functionality.

Other shorts might look very good and sexy but are they comfortable? Other shorts might be very comfortable to wear but are they stylish to look at? Or your shorts might be both comfortable and stylish but are they functional and will fit with your needs?

PFD Solid Black Booty Shorts For Pole Dancing FitnessYou don’t need to look too far because we are offering a very good deal with these “Sexy High Waisted Empire Pole Dance Fitness Workout Shorts” which are made from lycra spandex.They are very soft and comfy while supporting the tummy which can be  your dynamic partner in improving your Pole dance skills and becoming the best you can be!

These are cute and comfy and will also give you breathable feeling perfect for your everyday pole dancing activity whether at home or class. Oh and let us not forget Men who are into pole dancing too! Their number continues to grow every year and there is also men’s division in competitions now.

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So what are you waiting for? Go grab a short and other grip gear you might need and start dancing today! The shorts are at a very good price without compromising its quality.

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