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One unspoken aspect of pole dancing is building the strength and pain tolerance in the skin to execute those cool pole tricks. If you are a beginner pole dancer and you have tried your very first pole sit then you know what I’m talking about – the “OW” factor in #polefitness. The reason nobody talks about it is that it’s painful.

Pole dancing is a beautiful sport and when we think about pole dancing to feel sexy or for fitness then we think pleasurable positive thoughts. Pole dancing for fitness as well as to have some “me time” to feel sexy are the best reasons to pole dance but regardless of your reasons, developing the strength in the skin to actually pole dance is a sharp reality to deal with.

When you start learning to pole dance and you do your first pole sit on the pole, the sensation of the pole between your thighs, tugging on your skin can feel less than pleasant. For those of you, who have never pole danced, please don’t let this scare you because it’s something we all go through and never regret going through. It’s just that every sport has its stressful points. The body has to adjust to the challenge of any sport no matter what you do and in the pole dancing world, your skin must adjust along with your muscular strength.

The very first time you do a pole move that requires you to grip the pole dancing pole with the inside of your thighs or inside of the bicep might cause you a little pain. Pain meaning you feel the pole tugging at your skin that causes a painful sensation.

There are sensitive nerves in your skin, especially in the sensitive areas like the groin, inner thighs, and inner biceps.

So how do you get rid of the pain and strengthen the skin for a pain-free pole dance experience you might ask?

Practice. Those nerves will desensitize with time and practice.

Nerves will desensitize with time and consistency. Practice your pole moves until your skin has had enough, even if it’s only 5 minutes. This time frame will be different for everybody. Then repeat at least 3 times a week. At about the 6-8 week mark, you will feel better and notice that you can do some pole sits pain-free.

When your skin has had enough stress during your daily pole routine, then move on to practicing other pole moves that don’t tug on the skin like the contemporary pole spin for intermediates (recently added to the pole dancing lessons online course >> PoleBody Complete Home Edition – Home Pole Dancing Lessons For Everyday Women).

There are some exercises you can do to deliberately challenge the strength of the skin and work to desensitize those nerves.

pole sit for beginnersFor beginners, doing scissor pole sits on the pole or down the pole (as shown in the picture to the left) will definitely help the inner thighs strengthen and desensitize.

You can do this by sitting on the pole in a pike position. The gently scissor the legs while rocking the hips from side to side.  If the left leg is higher than the right in the scissor, then shift the hips to the right so the left inner thigh firmly presses against the pole, intensifying the grip.

Then repeat this action by scissoring the legs so the right leg is high and shifting your weight into the left hip causing the pole to firmly press against the inner thigh of the right leg.

Repeat back and forth as many times as you can tolerate it.  You will be able to do more repetitions with time.

You can get a step by step video of how to do the scissor pole sit in the Home Pole Lessons For Everyday Women Course.

Above all, please remember to hang in there and keep trying. Nothing worth having is super easy.

    2 replies to "Building Strength in the Skin to Execute Better Pole Dance Moves"

    • Yolanda Roberts

      What if you don’t have a pole at home, but you’re taking weekly pole classes. Are there are suggestions for things to do at home in between classes to strengthen the skin?

      • Danna

        Hi Yolanda, that is a really tough one because the skin needs to have that tacky stick against the metal surface combined with the weight of your own body baring down on the gripped area.

        I would suggest going to the park and find (preferably an unpainted) monkey bars in the kids playground area. Hanging on the metal bars in the park can be a big help, especially if you hang upside down from the pits of your knees. Some playgrounds have fireman type poles designed for climbing, doing your pole sits on those work great too. This doesn’t mimic the same “tack” you get on a chrome or brass pole dancing pole at home, but you will get to stick a bit, practice your grips and it will further desensitize that area you are gripping with in preparation for your local pole dancing classes. Come back and let us all know if this helps you so we can pass on the message to others! <3

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