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Getting Rid Of Boredom In Your Daily Pole Dancing Workout

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(Last Updated On: July 3, 2023)

When it comes to a daily workout it can become very monotonous and BORING. Doing squats, lunges, and bicep curls in your workout year after year can get…. Well….. I guess I already said it very boring.   Yet we keep doing them because they are effective exercises when you are trying to get fit and healthy.

Doing individual pole dance moves by themselves for a long period of time can get boring just as much as those lunges and squats. Any good workout will have a certain level of individual moves that need to be learned and perfected in proper form. Once you understand it and have practiced those moves for a while them the boredom comes creeping in and you end up fighting to keep going. I don’t know about you but I hate that feeling of pushing myself to do something that doesn’t interest me any longer.

A good workout is essential to reaching any fitness goals successfully.

So what makes those individual exercises (like individual pole dancing moves) so boring? And how can you keep doing them but re-discover a new level of excitement as a means to stay motivated?

Mixing it up with transitions and routines is the answer.

When you take your basic pole dancing moves and learn to use creative transitions to get to the next move, then you are building a dance routine.

Routines are long strings of structured dance moves tied together with expressive transitions and when paired with music, we call it dance.

Because we call it dance, some people will think that it’s very different than a workout and it’s really not. If you take lunges and use a creative transition to move into a bicep curl and add that to music, then you are dancing through your workout.

Pole Dancing IS a workout.

Routines can be rearranged in endless ways incorporating a million different styles and genres of music. This is why they never get boring. You can do the same basic pole dancing moves you need to sculpt those gorgeous lean muscles and string them together with transitions built of good dance technique and music to keep your brain interested and motivated to workout rather than pushing yourself to do the same boring movements on a daily basis.

Humans are natural creators and love creative processes. Dance has long been known for being an integral part of the creative arts, a hobby all our brains love (but sometimes think we can’t do).

When you are learning how to pole dance at home, creating pole dance routines on your own can be a challenge at first.  Not everyone is born with the natural talent to be the master choreographer.

The best way to get over this hump is to learn as many pole dancing routines from other teachers with various styles as you can until you have a better understanding of your own individual style. This can take years to develop, but the journey itself into discovering your own dancing style is what keeps you excited and motivated, never bored.

pole dancing lessons onlineTo help you avoid boredom, I have added 2 new pole dance routines for intermediate dancers to the Home Pole Dancing Lessons Course.




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