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Learn How To Do Plank Scissor Leg Pole Move | Online Pole Dancing Lesson

One of the toughest parts for beginners when they are learning to pole dance at home is the inner thigh grip.  It’s painful when you first learn!

In fact, it’s so painful that some woman wonder if they should give up on their pole fitness dreams and Im here to say DON’T!!

Just like working your muscles in a gym, your muscles need time to recover, repair, and relax after an intense workout.   At first, lifting 10lbs might seem excruciating for some woman, but after the first week or two passes or repetitive attempts, it gets easier doesn’t it?  YES!

The same is true with the pain tolerance you must develop in your skin.

You need to give the skin on your inner thighs a good “workout” and then give them time to recover, repair and relax, just like you would your muscles.

Over time, you skin will desensitize and your won’t feel it anymore.  Most woman report that by the time 6-8 weeks passes, the pain is drastically reduced with regular practice.

So what is regular practice for your inner thighs on a dance pole?

Good Question.

My favorite pole dance move to strengthen the skin on those inner thighs is the Scissor Plank Pole Move done once or twice a week for “regular practice” – you can start in static and then eventually spin it when you are ready.

Here is a short online pole dancing lesson video to learn how to do the Scissor Plank Pole Move right now:

YouTube video


SIDE NOTE* Yes, that’s the removable spinning Pro Quality Pole Dancing Pole I am dancing on in the video above for those of you wondering. I learned almost ALL of my beginner pole moves on that pole, it’s trusty and I love it, even though its a no brand pole.  We go back years and have lots of good memories together.

For some beginners, the above video online lesson may be a little intense, but give your body some love and take it slow.  Perfection never happens right away.  With time and practice, you WILL get better I promise : )

Every pole dancer had to go through this and trust me, the pay off is amazing!

Sometimes for those with sensitive veins and skin, using inner thigh protectors is a healthy option until you get the pain tolerance in your skin to improve.  Horrible bruising and too  much pain from long training periods isn’t fun and and inner thigh protecting gear can help you get through.

Now , the protective gear is NEVER a substitute for developing the pain tolerance and strength in your skin to execute pole moves, but it can be a healthier way to precede, especially if you are an easy bruiser with sensitive skin.

I hope you love the online pole dancing lesson above, leave a comment below and let me know if it helps you 🙂

You can find more online pole dancing lessons in our shop and more free lessons on my YouTube Channel.




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