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(Last Updated On: May 29, 2017)

Many women wonder exactly how effective pole dancing is for a workout. Does it make you fit? Will it help you lose weight? What makes it so much better than any other exercise workout on the planet?

Learning to pole dance at home is an expensive investment in comparison to other home workouts like free weights, Kettlebells, Zumba, step aerobics, and other ballet workouts. For those reasons, it is no wonder women want to know exactly how good of a workout pole dancing can be BEFORE investing several hundred dollars on an X Pole or other portable pole dancing pole.

The flip side is that pole dancing can be a cheaper and more effective workout when compared to buying a treadmill, elliptical trainer, or a BowFlex. It just depends on how you look at it.

At the end of the day, no matter what exercise you choose, ANY workout is an investment in your health and well-being and therefore ANY exercise is worth the money if you feel better and look healthier.

Pole dancing at home can be the “luxury car” of workouts in that it is sinfully pleasurable, and it’s not only fun for the ladies, but the men too!

It’s the drudgery of making yourself do a repeatedly redundant exercise that makes working out at home so awful. I mean really, how many squats and pushups can you do in your life before you just give up because the thought of another one might make you puke?

Pole dancing is so much fun that you forget it’s a workout and that’s one of the best parts. In addition, you aren’t isolating different body parts with various exercises like you would lifting free-weights.

When you pole dance, you are working the entire body as a whole. It is very strenuous on the upper body, especially when you first start learning. It is important that you supplement your pole dance workouts with lower body exercises that will strengthen the leg muscles to keep everything balanced.

The leg muscles will come more into play when getting into the intermediate levels.  However, depending on how the instructor choreographs the routine, the lower body can be equally worked through plies’, wide legs plies’, hip sways and dancing up on the balls of your feet which engage the calf muscles – all things that help you get the body of a dancer.

So back to the being… Does pole dancing really make you fit?

Yes, if you work to find a good instructor that will keep both your lower and upper body balanced. When this is achieved, you get the best whole body workout of your life and you actually LOVE every minute of it!

Another reason pole is such a great workout is that the dancing itself is so challenging that the body is forced to adapt and change at a rapid pace, burning up tons of extra calories to recover and feed the building muscle. This effect causes you to burn more calories while you are sitting at your desk working at your day job.

As with any exercise, success is only relative to your willingness to dedicate yourself to a regular practice. If you try it a few times and drop out then don’t expect to be thin overnight.

Add pole dancing your home workout regimen and you may find yourself addicted to your workout for the first time in your life!

Buying a pole dancing pole for your home workout doesn’t need to blow out your pocket book. You don’t NEED to buy the “Mercedes” of poles, but you DO need something that is SAFE and will last you years. THERE ARE POLES THAT ARE NOT SAFE!!

Check out these pole dancing pole reviews, get a safe pole with free beginner lessons, and get started today!


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