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Healthy Fat Loss | The Day I Chose Healthier & Heavier OVER Being Skinny

by | Oct 7, 2016 | 2 comments

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Females always obsess over their body weight and fat percentage levels.  We are trained to be that way whether we know it or not and IT’S BRUTAL.  We are constantly inundated with images and messages from the media showing us what “beautiful” looks like.

We watch magazine models and other competitors on a dance pole with what the media calls “a flawless” body worthy of a gold medal – but who made that rule?  In addition =>  Is it a belief that you or I should follow?

For me, I say “NO, I won’t let the media decide what is healthy and beautiful looking for my body”.  But I still struggle with myself every day – wanting to be thinner just like you do.

So where do you inner find peace with your weight and body fat percentages?

Where is the grand finale where we get to finally love our body, feel happy in our own skin, and genuinely love ourselves exactly as we are?

It’s one thing to say – “I am going to love myself the way I am and stop obsessing over being thin” but to get your mind to believe it in another battle on its own.

I would like to say it’s a simple decision to love yourself now as you are, however, one simple decision doesn’t usually undo YEARS of programming from the media and our childhood.

When I get on my start my pole fitness routine and jump on my fitness pole to dance, I find myself staring in the mirror with ugly judgments against myself.  I have to work every day to let those judgments go, even when I see some cellulite creeping up on me as I get older.

The good news is that we are all responsible for ourselves, we are committed to our journey in creating better health, and we can make daily choices to turn our lives in a new direction.

For me, the very act and choice to use pole dancing as my main source of fitness were one of those supportive choices to create more happiness and health for myself in my own life.

Pole dancing for fitness brings a lot of emotional healing for a woman in addition to a fit body.

We all have to start somewhere and for me, the start was just pole fitness dancing.  When I first started pole fitness I really tried to be as fit, toned, and ripped as I could.  I learned all the top diet plans that would shred fat fast and get my body camera ready.  I learned diet tricks (even unhealthy diet tricks) that top fitness competitors use to get that “toned and gorgeous” fitness body you see in photo shoots.

By going through that, I learned that it’s not realistic to live that way every day.  What most people won’t tell you is that having a low body fat percentage is rewarding when you are there – but maintaining it is a BITCH and can make you really grumpy and miserable in the end if you’re not careful.

To be truly happy, I believe we all must draw a line.  We have to decide what body appearance and level of body fat percentage works for us and forget what you see on TV pole fitness competitors and magazines.

It’s important to practice kindness with yourself.  Because you have been programmed by the media, your first guess at what you want to look like will probably be unrealistic.  By unrealistic I mean that in the end you might achieve it but it probably won’t bring you the happiness you think it will because the journey there is filled with difficulty.

Ask yourself why you really want a fit body.  Be sure that you are not driving your self-esteem from what other people think.

Get the body you want for your own reasons, for HEALTHY REASONS.  Do it for you and maybe your loved ones – but don’t do it to gain the approval of strangers.  Give everyone the chance to see you as you are and LOVE you as you are – this is where true happiness with your body’s appearance lies.

This also greatly enhances your overall ability to emotionally feel sexy and confident during your pole fitness dancing at home.

For me, I decided to rest at 140 lbs.  That body weight often blows people’s minds because they think I weigh something in the 120’s.  The truth is I never have.  My lowest and average weight is about 130-132.  Being at 140 leaves me less toned but I still look great.

There was a day when 140 would have ruined my day or even my year.  But I’m tired of agonizing overweight and I’m tired of the stress to be thin ruling my life.

I choose to have better energy, to eat healthy to look toned and healthy, and whatever that looks like on the scale is fine with me because I’m happy.

My wish is that you go there too.

Oh and one last thing – I have to remind myself every day that I look great at a heavier weight and I have to choose to ignore my mind when it says I’m “fatter” than I used to be.  You don’t have to believe everything you hear in your head, so don’t sweat it if you have to work at it a bit to make this thought process work for you but in the end – it’s worth it!

I actually love my diet plans and exercise routines MORE now that I have changed my outlook in this way.


  1. Rachel Christensen

    I like your articles that you write. I think fixing the mindset is the first and foremost important thing to do, at least for me

    • Pole Fitness Dancing

      Thank You <3 I completely agree! You can be miserable with a heavy body and a super fit body – happiness is getting it right in your mind – true health is in the body AND mind – we can't separate them. Thanks for the feedback!


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