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Two Stylish Leggings For Your Next Pole Dance Workout

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(Last Updated On: June 11, 2018)

Many women nowadays are looking for ways to improve their health and wellness, and there are tons of options to do that with trending and effective diet plans along with different kinds of workouts like pole dancing workouts, yoga and online on demand D.I.Y. exercises to name a few.

Pole dancing and its popularity is now rising rapidly and it is not surprising due to its amazing health benefits.   It gives you a full body workout which tones your muscles, improves your flexibility and stamina and saves you from multiple health issues, all these benefits while being artistic and expressive in a form of a dance – on a pole!

What Do I wear during a Pole Dancing Workout?

Gone are the days when pole dancing is mainly associated with strip tease and the likes. These things being said, either you are just thinking about learning to do a pole dancing workout at home or even taking a pole dance class, OR you’re already into pole dancing which means you also need to find a perfect pole dance outfit and one of the must haves for you is good fitting leggings!

Typical pole dance attire for class consists of a well fitted sexy bra top that make you feel comfortable and inspired, baring the mid section of the body while wearing shorter shorts that don’t cover the inner thigh excessively.  You will need the bare skin of your inner thigh to grip and climb the pole.   For beginners, you can get away with wearing a nice tank top when you first start learning because you won’t learn to use the bare skin in your mid section to grip the pole until you are at more advanced levels of training.

So why are legging a good piece of clothing to have in pole dance class?  First, they are just super sexy and cute!  You can wear them to the store, the gym, or just around the house.    But mostly, fitness leggings are a great way to start your workout because they cover the leg and help the legs and thighs warm up better before beginning any pole training.   Warmer leg muscles allow for better results from your stretching because warm muscles stretch farther & don’t get injured as easily as a cold muscle.

Professional dancers have used layers of clothes in training for decades and it works well!   You just peel off the layers as you go, as you need to, and as your body warm up.

Essential Pole Dance Leggings For Your Next Pole Class

Leggings are great for warm ups, conditioning and stretching to keep the muscles warm and can be removed when you need to wear shorts on the pole. Leggings are also good for practice “flow” moves while dancing around the pole and doing floor work exercises. “Flow” is an effortless movement with grace and strength; slowly and fluidly working on your body movements while pole dancing. (It is important to note though that these leggings don’t stick to the pole so they are not the best choice if you need to grip the pole with your legs)

Our first featured leggings is this Sexy Bowtie Fitness Mid Waist Leggings With Lace Up Print Up Back Of The Leg, for a day you are feeling chic and sassy this one is perfect! Made from high quality materials it is designed for comfort and style all while having its functionality.

pole dance fitness clothing

The second one is Superman Print Fitness Workout Leggings– from its name you can count for a ‘super’ workout experience! Cool and comfortable and made from materials that are Breathable and sweat wicking it’s for those days you are feeling game and confident to whip your super moves.

pole dance fitness leggings

By now you must be feeling giddy and excited to try these on.  These functional, comfortable, and stylish these leggings are worth a try, not to mention they are affordable so you are getting more for your money’s worth.

For every workout, outfits always play an important role not just in giving you more confidence but also in ensuring that you are wearing the right stuff for whatever work out you do and for pole dancing there’s a lot to choose from – but we are giving to of the best choices of leggings you can have, so what are you waiting for? Get Yours NOW!

Explore all our pole fitness tops, shorts, leggings, and other fun Pole Fitness Clothing here >>


  1. Cherrish McCrae

    I would LOVE those bowtie leggings. Any chance of there being an updated link to them? Thank you!

    • Danna

      They are back in stock now : ) They are super cute!!!


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