(Last Updated On: August 10, 2020)

Sometimes we get busy, sometimes life is just too much to handle and sometimes, we just FLAT OUT don’t have the energy to put in a long workout.   But deep down, we know we can’t skip a workout or we won’t get the results we want.

Well, there is a quick 5 minute workout I like to use that is full of upper body and arm strengthening exercises that simultaneously conditions the abdominals while making your legs stronger than ever in under 5 minutes flat.

You can do this mini whole body conditioning workout routine WITHOUT your dance pole and feel like you got your workout accomplished for the entire day all from the comfort of your own home.  All you need to do is pop on a sport bra top and a pair for workout shorts and you are ready to go!

Additionally, this exercise routine is choreographed to music!

We all hate counting reps, it’s so boring!  Save that for the gym.

For me, this exercise routine is a time saver and life saver because it gives me everything  I need very quickly.

Now, if you’re a beginner just learning to pole dance for exercise at home and you can’t get through this short routine without sheer exhaustion, PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK!

What that means is that you aren’t a failure, you just a little out of shape and because this routine is a challenge, you will be able to use for a longer period of time than other people.

Do what you can of the routine and every time you give it a try, attempt to do it with better form (which is harder by the way) but will make you incredibly strong while stripping away the fat and improving your cardiovascular endurance.

Without further ado, here is my favorite way to get my whole body conditioning exercise for the day without my dance pole in under 5 minutes flat.

(I prefer to do this first thing in the morning before breakfast by the way – you will get better fat burning results due to your body being in a fasted state while sleeping)

Preferred Music is Black Widow by Iggy Azalea but once you get used to the routine, you can do it to your own favorite music:


Hope you enjoyed!  Please remember to share the love and share this workout with your friends and social media!!


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