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Are Pole Dancing Shoes Safe? Why Do Pole Dancers Wear Heels?

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Pole dancing shoes are becoming very popular. Are pole shoes safe? Let’s find out why do pole dancers wear high heels and the best beginner pole dancing shoes.

Is it better to dance barefoot or in heels?

a girl wearing pole shoes and best beginner pole dancing shoesPole dancing shoes are one of the most fun ways to play and express yourself. However, are they really safe for exercise and fitness purposes? Many people ask “what shoes are best for pole dancing?” And if you are a beginner then you are probably wondering “What are the best beginner pole dancer shoes!”  All normal questions.

Why Do Pole Dancers Wear High Heels?

High heels gives the dancer longer looking legs which boost the attraction of the pole dancer. Also some dance styles utilises the platform of the high heels and or boots to help execute certain pole tricks.

However not all dancers and instructors utilise pole heels or promote its use. I only teach barefoot. I have herniated 2 discs in my lower back and for me, pole dancing is all about health and fitness.  Although heels are sexy, they can be unhealthy for your posture and back.

I am a FIRM believer in ballet training including proper dance form, posture, and technique. This means being able to feel the floor with your feet. My way of teaching pole dancing is for health and fitness only promoting balance, muscular strength, inner confidence, and flexibility. I do not promote the use of heels. And that is because they do not promote true health on a physical or emotional level. Heels are known to cause back pain and even lead to back surgery for many women.

For example, one main reason we love heels is that it makes our legs look longer and it makes us feel sexier. However, for beginners, it is much more advantageous to work on form and balancing in bare feet. Also, I think it is emotionally healthier for a woman to love who she is, just the way she while she is on the road to better health.

What Is The Best Beginner Pole Dancing Shoes?

On the flip side, I do know that girls truly love their heels. And have free choice to have fun with them while pole dancing.  Heels are part of the pole dancing fashion. For beginner pole dancing you should only consider pole heels or boots from a shoe brand that specifically manufacturers the shoes for pole use, also read on for tips on choosing pole dance shoes.

So if you’re going to use heels, here are some great pointers about the best pole dancing shoes, especially for beginners:

why do pole dancers wear high heelsPole dancing shoes are typically known for thick platforms and spiky heels. However, there are pole fitness dancing shoes that are more for the athletic type pole dancer. So really, it depends on whether you are practicing for competition. Or just a home user who loves to be sexy while getting in shape or maybe both!

How Do I Choose A Pole Dance Shoe?

Pole shoes are usually tight at the tip, Especially since the feet are always pushed forward. Make sure the toes are comfortable. Also ensure the durability of the outer part, as it will be scratch against the floor.

If you already know you want to pole dance in heels, then I suggest starting with boots and then working up to heels. Start with thicker heels at first and then you can work into dancing in thin spiky heels.  Do not start learning to dance in heels with a spiky heeled shoe!  A thin heel is more likely to put you off balance and lead to a slip or fall, not to mention more nasty bruises.  Preventing and treating bruises is already bad enough in pole, we don’t need to go making it worse with bad shoes.

Safety is so important when doing this as you don’t want to twist an ankle. Use the sturdiest shoes you can find, especially if you are a beginner. Remember you are dancing in these shoes so they need to stand up to some use that is beyond the average user.  Also, consider learning how to pole dance without heels first, then put them on once you have the hang of it, ESPECIALLY if you have no dance experience and need to learn good dance technique.

Best Beginner Pole Dancing Shoes

A good pair of pole dancing shoes with heels will cost you at least $50 or more (hopefully more). You don’t want to go cheap and skimp; you could seriously be hurt if the shoe fails mid-performance.  Remember to get a shoe that straps on the ankle is best.

There are all kinds of fun pole dancing shoes, from lighted ones to all colors imaginable.

While pole dancing shoes that are heels are a fun way to express yourself when pole dancing, they are not always good for a woman’s back, nor healthy for fitness reasons.

So what shoes are best to wear for pole dancing?

We focus more on fitness and athletics. 

black nude sparkle bling half sole pole dancing shoe lyrical yoga foot undies undeez protectionIf you are more into the athletic end of pole then you already know that bare feet are the most common way to dance. But what if your feet are hurting? There is a solution.

That solution is Half Sole Foot Undies shoe for pole dancers, which is the best shoe to wear in pole dancing.

Dancers have long used this dance sandal to protect the feet against blisters, sores, and other wear and tear of being a dancer.

This shoe fits Pole dancing for exercise as well. They will give you the feel of bare feet while protecting your feet during turns, foot drags, pirouettes, and the like.Save



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    I dont have a flat ceiling. Can pole dancing work on paneled ceilings.

    • Danna

      There is a vaulted ceiling mount you can use that is for ceilings that are slanted. I am not sure about the “paneled” ceiling question because I have never heard of paneled ceilings before. All the poles must be installed underneath a very solid ceiling joist.


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