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Is Pole Dancing An Art? | The Art of Pole Dancing

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Is pole dancing an art? Pole dancing has been used and adapted in many ways. From erotic to pole dancing fitness. Let’s explore the art side of the pole dancing.

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Pole dancing as art takes a level of dedication, fitness, and athletic performance. The one that hasn’t been truly seen. We are in the beginning of really understanding what pole dancing will do. And moreover the benefit of pole dancing for the world of art. However one thing is for sure, it’s exciting, it’s intriguing to watch, and absolutely gravity-defying.

Is pole dancing a sport?

Based on the history of pole dancing, it is one of the most evolving physical activities. Recently pole dancing is being considered as an aerial sport. Above all Pole dancing is soon entering the Olympics for international competition. 

The guts and excellence required to become a pole dancing athlete. That is what it takes to make pole dance a true art.

On the flip side, everyday woman can learn pole for fitness as well!

Is Pole Dancing an Art?

Base on definition of art itself, any successful form of expression that intend to engage the audience’s emotions and appreciation is considered art. Taking that into consideration Pole dancing is considered a form of sport. Moreover, there is a branch in pole dance performance that primarily focus on the art aspect of performance as well as communicating certain emotions. 

When kept clean, pole dancing gives the dancer a chance to express themselves. This expression is mainly through the movement of their bodies. As well as sending a great message and inspiration to the viewer. It’s a level of entertainment equal to or better than the circus. And it is now being embraced by more than just woman. Men pole dancing and children ( yes kids are pole fitness dancing). People are finding new ways to get into and start pole dancing. People of all genders and age wow the crowds with their unique and gravity defying pole dance abilities.

What is the art of pole dancing called?

Aerial Art is the commonly used name for pole dancing art performance. This term is commonly used to refer to extraordinary performances done in circus. But there is a form of pole dancing that is artistic and by the use of music and the pole dancers movement the emotions would be communicated. 

Is Pole Dancing An Art? a girl in pole wear doing invert thinking What to Wear for Pole Fitness | The Right Pole Dance ClothesWhy do pole dancers wear so little?

Many people asks why do pole dancers wear so little clothes. And some believes it is due to history of pole dancing and stripe pole. However that is incorrect. Similarly to many sports such as swimming there is a reason behind the dressing. It is mainly because pole dancing is a sport of hanging from the pole in different form using different parts o body. Due to that in order to make a strong grip on the pole you need to use your body skin. Your elbow pit, knee pit, claves, arms and thighs and in some moves even your belly would be used as a grip to hang from the pole. 

Life is what you make it and how you choose to view it. You can look at pole dancing as a trashy way of entertaining men in a bar, or you can look at it as art.

Why is pole dancing sexualized?

Based the history of pole dancing, it has gone through a long journey to be where it is. Dance pole started as a tool used for male acrobatic performances to erotic shows. But the fact is the erotic side of pole dancing started when the media was blooming so as a result this style of pole dancing became popularised as the main use of the dance pole. Pole dancing is not sexualised for every user of the dance pole, it can also be a legitimate form of sports and a form of expression.

I believe it is art; clearly not just anybody can do this. It takes a level of skill and athleticism that isn’t in the ordinary person. Pole dancing for fitness is a new way. This way is not only entertain, but inspire. Pole dancing can inspire others to feel better about their bodies and get in better shape. It’s by far the best workout for woman on the planet!


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