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Stripper or Fitness | How to Explain Dancing Pole to Your Kids?

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(Last Updated On: October 2, 2023)

Explaining pole dancing for fitness at home to kids isn’t easy to do but definitely possible. I’ve been asked many times by friends or relatives, Is Pole Dancing Bad? or if it is a negative influence on their kids and teenagers as it is mainly associated with strippers? Well I have to mention this perspective is without doubt disappointing to the proud strippers out there who take pride in their job and such views will contribute to the stigmatisation and marginalisation of the community. I always tell my mother that during the Victorian times, showing the ankle for a lady was considered a big NO NO, but overtime, our perception evolved and Victoria’s Secret Lingerie & Sleepwear models and Beauty Pageants USA are the great signs of the shift in view among the masses. 

Perhaps more time is needed for the masses to respect and accept the stripper’s lifestyle as their rightful personal choice BUT this perception should not be a barrier between YOU and the Pole. We need to understand just because a tool is used a certain way doesn’t mean it was designed for that purpose only. For instance the internet; The internet is a wonderful space for learning and sharing but there are many ways this tool can be used; for example, 35% of the web downloads are pornography which is among the top 5 reasons the world wide web is being used and yet we allow our kids to explore this virtual world freely and independently. The internet can be used in many different ways, some uses of this great tool are commonly approved and some other uses are not, but what we all approve is a responsible and mindful way of using it. Same perspective applies to Pole.

Is There a Difference Between Pole Dancing and Stripping?

There are many elements about pole fitness and pole workout that can be explained to kids in order to introduce this amazing fitness, dancing and entertaining tool to them. So to answer the question; Is Pole dancing stripping? The quick answer would be; No. Dancing Pole was historically and initially used by men for acrobatic shows as opposed to being a tool for sensual expression. There is a sport side to this tool which is overshadowed by all the stigma. The Pole is basically a vertical apparatus which mainly challenge your body weight against the gravitational force.

Pole dancing moves like the Iron X, Dead Lift Handspring, Superman and many more are among the list of moves that requires weeks to months and in some cases, even years of commitment and practice to achieve. The beauty in pole fitness is its combination of multiple sports into one which increases the chance of building physical strength and gaining skills in a wider spectrum. Gymnastics, Ballet, Aerial Silk, Acrobalance, Acroyoga, Contortion, Parkour and several others are among the list of sports genres interlinked with pole fitness. This attraction in pole dancing hasn’t gone unnoticed by society and we can see the growing demand on beginner pole dancing classes and general enquiries on “how to start pole dancing?” as well as mothers asking “how to learn pole dancing at home?” and of course the increased demand for poles in our Pole Shop is testament to this change.  

Should I Hide My Pole From My Kids If I Enjoy It The Sensual Way?

There are some mothers out there who enjoy the pole not just because it helps them with their physical development and fitness, but they enjoy the sensual side of pole dancing and how it makes them feel empowered and attractive. Some of these ladies feel like their sensual use and expressions may seem inappropriate and set a wrong example for their kids on pole dancing. Some moms even hide their pole from their teenagers and only set it up or use it once they are not around. In my opinion, it is best to normalise and be open about sensitive and sexual subjects with our children so they receive their information from a safe source and they have someone to come back to when they have questions or issues relating to the subject. But if this is uncomfortable for some mothers, to be open about their sensual expression on the dancing pole, it is absolutely understandable to keep it as a private matter until they feel their children are ready to know.

Tricks to Normalise Dancing Pole Around the House 

In any case, I believe it is always important to share the fitness side of pole dancing with your kids. There are many YouTube videos that show beginner pole tricks all the way to advanced pole dancers showing their physical strength and art on the pole and this will help to enhance the children’s perspective. If they showed interest, then we can perhaps teach them beginner pole tricks step by step. One of the coolest trick I discovered to make kids and teenagers comfortable with pole dance is by giving them a beginner challenge on the pole and showing them how they can execute it. This way, they will realise that pole fitness or even pole dance is not easy at all, and understand the physical strength needed to use a pole. We could tell our children the fact that men and women who build their body with gym routines for pole dancers and using pole as their fitness tool are known to have more muscle strength than men and women who lifts heavy weights. We can see plenty of videos online of men with Hercules body shapes attempt pole dancing moves but struggle because lifting weight is not the same as manipulating ones own body weight on the pole, to build strength.

The Dark Side of Pole Dancing???

Children have amazing curious minds with so much flexibility and openness. Of course, like anyone else, they are the product of their environment and their perception can be changed or modified with proper exposure and correct introduction. It is true that strippers are commonly known to use the pole, but it is important for kids to know that there is a difference between how and why strippers use the pole, and how you use the pole. In the process of normalising this amazing tool for our kids and introducing other aspects of it like pole fitness however, lets ensure we educate them to not look down on any group and keep in mind that strippers and sexual entertainers are not the dark side of the pole. Pole has no dark side but only options to choose from. 

And as always don’t forget to leave a comment and let us know your opinions. Let us know how you deal with the dancing pole at home and what joys and challenges you had so far.


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