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Lupit G2 Dance Pole VS Lupit G2 Quick Lock Dance Pole

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(Last Updated On: October 27, 2021)

LUPIT G2 QUICK LOCK | New version of the Lupit G2 Dance Pole. See our lupit pole review; including features of the new lupit pole dance pole for home and studio

Lupit Diamond G2 Quick Lock Dance PoleLupit has done it once more with their quality brand and reliable poles. This time, the Lupit G2 Quick Lock pole brings a lot more ease to your pole to switch between the static and spinning modes. In this blog, we will review the new Lupit home dance pole and compare this pole with its predecessor, the Lupit Classic G2 Dance Pole.

The Lupit G2 Quick Lock has very similar look as the Lupit Classic G2 Dance Pole. They are both from the same G2 series and share many similarities. For your ease of comparison, we will review their main common features as well as their differences.

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Lupit G2 Quick Lock Feature

This is a similar feature as the X Lock from the X Pole series. The feature allows the pole dancer to easily change between the static mode to spinning mode and vice versa.

Currently the Lupit Classic G2 requires the hex key in order to tighten the bottom grip of the pole. This helps to switch the pole from spinning to static and the reverse act will put the pole back in spinning. It is pretty easy and straightforward. But there are some disadvantages to this feature such as; the need for an external hex key, over tightening the screws, loosening the screws and overall, the convenience of switching.

The Quick Lock allows you to achieve the above switch between the two different modes with just a single twist of the Quick Lock Band. The Quick Lock is located at the bottom of the Lupit G2 Dance Pole, and it’s pretty simple to twist. By twisting the quick lock counter clockwise, you’ll set the pole into spinning mode and the opposite twist will put the pole in static mode.

Lupit Quick Lock Black Powder CoatedQuick Lock Safety Feature

One of the concerns with features like the X Lock or even the past Lupit Pro Quick Lock is, the unintentional or accidental change of the modes during use. There is feedback that in certain moves utilizing the lower parts of the pole, one can accidentally switch the pole from static to spinning and this can be dangerous.

Well the good news is; the Lupit Quick Lock has resolved this issue completely! The new design comes with two “safety buttons” that need to be pushed inside in order to release the lock and only with a 180 degree twist will it change the spinning mode. This way, the pole is absolutely secure in its position. Also, there is no possible way for it to change function accidentally during your moves!!!

If you already own a Lupit G2 Classic or Diamond pole, you can purchase the Quick Lock Disk separately to upgrade your pole. Here’s the link to the Lupit Quick Lock.

Spinning Improvement

Lupit has been among the best dance pole brands, due to their great spinning function. Since the release of the Lupit Classic G2 Dance Pole, we have gotten great feedback on its smoothness during spin. The Lupit bearing technology and thread design have proven themselves over time. As a result, Lupit is now one of the first choices for professional pole dancers.

The same great smoothness in the Lupit Pro has made its way to the Lupit G2 series. Both the Lupit G2 Quick Lock and the G2 Classic have the same bearing technology and thread design. So, you can enjoy a smooth and consistent spin with the pole.

Easier Lupit Pole Installation

If you are installing pole in apartment or studio, the Lupit G2 series is rather suitable for both. Both the Lupit G2 Classic and Lupit G2 Quick Lock have an easy installation. This makes it a lot easier for home use and allows you to set up or remove your pole quickly and conveniently. The Lupit G2 series thread design has made connecting the pole parts as effortless as assembling lego pieces.

The Lupit G2 Quick Lock has another update. Height Adjustment; It has increased the height of the pole by around 34mm more than the Lupit G2 Classic. This will help to achieve your desired height with fewer extensions. As a result, the pole is much more practical and safer.

Nonetheless, I find with the height adjustment and upgrade of the lock system to Quick Lock, the overall Lupit pole installation became even more easier than before. And this makes the Lupit G2 Quick Lock a great choice among the top home dance poles.

Safer Thread & Smooth Design

Black Powder Coated Lupit G2 Safe Thread DesignOne of the main reasons for Lupit G2 series smoothness is their Safe Thread design. It gives less chance to pole dance bruises due to its seamless surface. It is a feature that has the edges of the rim of the joints curved back inwards and makes it much safer and smoother when sliding on the pole.

If you are familiar with home dance poles, they usually have a hex key at the joints to lock the pole parts together. This feature is more time consuming during the pole installation. The advantage of the hey hex key however is that it ensures that the pole parts will not spin separately during the performance.

The Lupit G2 thread design not only eliminated the hex key but also has no holes around the joints. There were concerns with the G2 series thread design. This concern was mainly in regard to the safety of the pole parts staying intact and not unscrewing during use considering the lack of hex key. But after testing the pole and seeing the reviews of professional users it’s safe to say that Lupit has got you covered. With Safe Joints installation, you can enjoy the new features and smoothness of the pole with no worries!

Lupit G2 Quick Lock VS Lupit G2 Classic Dance Pole

The comparison table below will compare the features of the new model and its predecessor for your ease of comparison. As you can see, other than the differences we mentioned above they are very similar. Both poles have similar features as well as the same finish types (Read more about different pole finish).


*The points with the same number of stars are the features that remained the same in the upgrade. 

Lupit G2 Dance Pole VS Lupit G2 Quick Lock Dance Pole Comparison table


Overall, the Lupit G2 series are among the best spinning dance poles for those who want to learn pole dance at home. Especially if you are an intermediate or advanced level; then you definitely want to take it for a spin. And if you are wondering how to get into pole dancing, the best way to get started on a regular practice is to get a reliable brand new dance pole for your home ?

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