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Best Affordable Dance Pole | PFD Dance Pole Reviews

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(Last Updated On: January 28, 2024)

The PFD dance pole brand is among the best affordable dance pole. Here we have the dance pole reviews of all PFD dance pole for home.

There are many dance pole brands in the market. And it needs some research to choose the most suitable dance pole for home use. Depending on your level of pole dance, budget, and location, you have multiple options. There are few points to consider in order to buy the right affordable pole.

And those points are as follows; Safety, Durability and After-Sale support. Here is a short video that explains what to watch for in a good quality dance pole for your home: Taking these points into consideration, the poles in this article fit the description of best affordable dance pole options to choose from.

Where to find Dance Pole for Sale? There are several places that you can buy a dance pole, but it depends on the dance pole you are looking for, the brand, the price and the cost of delivery. Here at we are aiming to provide you with a selection of choices of all dance pole brands as well as their additional equipment. is a place that provides only the safest and reliable dance poles and a great place to buy dancing home kits with great pricing. is a great one stop centre for pole dancers as well as aerialists to get all the equipment and lessons needed to learn and advance in their hobby or career as performers.

Should I buy a used dance pole?

Buying a dance pole can be a tricky choice, to know what pole brand to buy, which finish type and material, what is the right height and more. But one of the question we always get is, Do I buy a secondhand dance pole? The short answer would be No. Of course, if you are buying the secondhand pole from a trusted contact and you are assured that the pole had been well taken care of, it may be a good option.

However, we would not suggest buying a secondhand pole from just any unknown seller. It is important to ensure the safety and quality of the dance pole. If it was not maintained well or missing parts, a secondhand pole can be a danger to one’s safety. A pole may look good in pictures but when you actually install it, you may find that the poles are warped, missing parts, or having damaged threads or joints.

Where to buy cheap dance pole? Dance poles are rather sensitive items and it is important to not risk buying an unsafe one. So if you are in the market looking for a cheap dance pole, you need to be very careful, as there are dance poles that are rather cheap and affordable but they are risky to use and can cause danger to you and your house. Knowing the budget constraints that some of us may have, here at we provide you with safe and affordable dance poles for when you cannot afford name brand poles.

Click here for the full list of the best affordable dance poles in our shop.

If a low budget has led you to contemplate purchasing a secondhand dance pole for sale or a cheap dance pole, there exists a superior alternative. The PFD Dance Pole line aims to deliver quality and durability at a lower price range compared to average branded dance poles in the market.

Where to buy dance pole for home? If you’re searching for a dance pole to buy for your home, there are reputable authorised dealers that offer a wide range of options. You can explore specialised fitness equipment retailers such as X-Pole and Lupit Pole, known for their high-quality dance poles specifically designed for home use.

Take the PFD Flat Dome as an example, which stands out as one of the most affordable dance poles in our collection. This pole offers dual functionality, allowing for both spinning and static modes. Customers highly favor this pole due to its straightforward installation process and its reliability and safety for inversions and long-term usage.

Moreover, it includes a 6-month warranty and seller support, a benefit that secondhand pole sellers do not provide.

Stage Pole Also Known as Freestanding Dance Pole

Before we proceed further, here are some information on stage dance poles. Especially, for those of you who has very high ceiling or ceilings that are not sturdy enough for friction-fit dance pole.

Stage dance poles are more on the pricer side and it has more parts to put together and maintain; but it is safe to say that they are easily suitable for almost any environment. From outside on the beach all the way to garden, bedroom and balcony. These Freestanding dance poles are easy to put together and can

Where to buy a portable pole dancing pole free standing? The freestanding dance pole or stage dance pole is a great choice for those with ceiling or floor issues. There are two main brands among the main providers of stage dance pole, which are; Lupit and X-Pole and their products can be purchased from either their website or the authorised sellers.

You can find out about our stage poles and deals at the following link. Read more.

Top 4 Best Affordable Dance Pole for Home Use:

  1. PFD Chrome Pro Quality Dance Pole | Big Dome
  2. Titanium Multicolor | PFD Illusion Pro Quality Dance Pole
  3. Powder Coated Pro Quality Dance Pole Kit
  4. Pro Chrome Dance Pole
  5. Pro Dance Pole Kit – Flat Dome

The PFD dance pole line comes in multiple choices. Here we will breakdown the differences in their features, function, and their key differences. Hopefully, by the end of this blog we helped you decide which dance pole suits you best.

How much does a pole dancing pole cost? Safe and affordable dance poles usually starts from $140 and it goes all the way up to $800 and in some cases even more than that. However it is important to take into account that there is always a shipping cost involved for every dance pole purchase which can increase the price.

Below are dance pole reviews for all PFD dance pole variations. PFD dance poles are among the best affordable dance poles in the market with high quality, durability and after sale warranty.

portable removable spinning static home dance pole kit for sale for studio fitness workout exercise dancing with lessons onlinePFD Chrome Pro Quality Dance Pole (Read More)

This pole is one of the best-sellers in the US market. Pro Quality pole is the flagship of PFD brand. And that is because of its great quality and features. The pole is made from a thick metal with solid joints. As a result, it is an excellent pole for both professional and beginner use.

The PFD Pro Quality pole has been used in home and studios for more than 10 years. And the pole is now available in the Upgraded 2021 version that offers longevity, better spinning function, which is due to upgraded bearings and stronger durability.

One of the great points about the PFD Chrome Pro Quality is that it comes with a 6 months manufacturer warranty and the shipping fee is included in the pole price!

There is a high quality chrome coating on the pole. This coating does not come off easily and provide the pole a smooth surface. Additionally, the PFD Chrome Pro has dual functionality and can be easily set on either static or spinning mode. The pole only weighs 35lbs. This makes the pole easy to move and install (especially, since the pole comes with a free carrying bag.)

PFD Chrome Pro Quality is among the top best affordable dance pole with solid high quality build.

If you are interested to start your journey in home pole fitness or looking to buy a new pole, the PFD Chrome Pro Quality is an excellent choice for you. This pole is considered as one of the greatest starter kit. Especially since you will get pole dancing lessons for beginners included when you buy the pole kit. 

Shop for PFD Chrome Pro Quality


PFD Illusion Pro Quality Dance Pole | Titanium Multicolor has recently launched this pole, which has quickly become a favorite among individuals seeking a vibrant and enjoyable addition to their dance space. The pole’s material is of professional grade, providing a slightly more grippy texture compared to the typical chrome finish commonly found.

The PFD Illusion Pro Quality Dance Pole is available in 45mm (1.75in) diameter and is removable and portable. It is also highly practical in that it offers a spinning and static function that makes it suitable for both home and professional use.

This pole is almost identical to our #1 Best Selling PFD Chrome Pro Quality Dance Pole only this is a colorful Titanium Illusion finish type.

Shop for PFD Illusion Pro


black white and pink 45mm powder coated pole dancing pole for sale home studio use fitness dance stripperPowder Coated Pro Quality Dance Pole (Black, Pink & White)

This pole is one of the latest release by PFD. As most pole enthusiast know, it is very costly to own a powder coated pole. Usually they come with a hefty price. But PFD brand made this possible for everyone by making the PFD Black Powder Coated Pole.

This pole is fully removable, spinning, and portable. The pole is made with high quality durable material. It has dual function and can switch between static and spinning mode by using the key.

Black Powder Coated is an excellent pole choice for both beginners and seasoned pole dancers. The pole is sturdy and reliable for all advanced moves like inverting and more. The bearings in the Black Powder are quality and advanced. As a result this provides the pole with a smooth and fast spinning.

The smooth spinning function makes this pole a great home and studio pole. Lastly, the solid joints in the pole. Solid joints would make this a great pole for heigh ceiling. As well as, professional dancing.

The pole’s height is adjustable with maximum height of 10ft 2″ when combined with the 500mm extension.

The PFD Black Powder Coated is produced with the highest standards.

The Powder coated pole finish is usually associated with top pole brands in the market and this PFD version offers an affordable alternative. And the black coating over the pole makes the pole grip much easier

Shop for PFD Black Powder Coated


chrome portable removable spinning 45mm dance pole kit for home Pro Chrome Dance Pole

The Pro Chrome Dance Pole is very similar to Pro Quality. And it has most of the Pro Quality characteristics. For instance, 45mm pole with the dual function and portable. Its joints are not as thick as the PFD Pro Quality Dance Pole.

However, they are strong and have a quality built overall. The high grade chrome and reliable construction coupled with its affordable price makes it a popular choice.

The Chrome Portable Removable Dance Pole is a screw together type dance pole. And also the pole has a smooth action bearings for a spinning pole tricks or inverted spin! Additionally, by purchasing the Pro Chrome Dance Pole, you can enjoy a 3 months Warranty (click here for details).

In addition to all it’s features and value for money, this pole has one more thing to offer. And that is an instant Access to Beginner Online Video Pole Dancing Lessons.

Additionally, the Pro Chrome Dance Pole is a close alternative from the PFD Pro Quality Pole at a better price

Shop for Pro Chrome Dance Pole


FLAT DOME Chrome, Gold, Colorful 45mm adjustable spinning removable pole Pro Dance Pole Kit – Flat Dome

The PFD Pro Chrome Flat Dome Pole is one of the most affordable dance poles in the market. And the main distinguishing feature of this pole is its flat dome and base. PFD Flat Dome is a great budget pole. Especially, considering fully made of metal. And this is unlike most budget poles. Because most budget poles in the market are mix of metal and plastic. And plastic in pole is a BIG NO NO!

The dance pole is a screw-together type that allows for spinning and static mode. Moreover, it provides a superior chrome plating finish, extra strong joints, and a smooth action bearing, making it ideal for executing smooth and graceful pole dance moves or inverted spins. Additionally, it is fully removable and portable.

This kit contains everything you need to get started pole dancing for fitness at home. As well as our great starter Beginner Online Video Pole Dancing Lessons. Moreover, the pole has 30 day warranty.

A great plus about this pole is semi installation option. This option allows you to drill 4 holes on the dome for semi-permanent installation. This method is pretty much like how you would install a ceiling mount.

The main distinguishing factor of this pole is its flat dome and base

The standard kit of the PFD Pro Chrome Flat Dome Pole comes with 2 extensions. Moreover these extensions let you to adjust to ceiling heights between 7’4″ to 9’3″.

Shop for Pro Chrome Flat Base Dance Pole

PFD Dance Poles VS Cheap Dance Poles

When comparing PFD affordable dance poles with cheap dance poles, there are significant differences in safety, durability, and after-sales support. PFD dance poles prioritise safety and durability, ensuring a secure and reliable experience for users. Unlike many cheap dance poles on the market, PFD dance poles come with an after-sales warranty, providing peace of mind and demonstrating their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Moreover, PFD dance poles hold an advantage as they are licensed by a professional pole dancer. This endorsement reinforces their quality and suitability for both beginners and seasoned pole dancers seeking reliable and high-performing dance poles with an affordable pricing.

Best Affordable Dance Pole Conclusion

In conclusion, I trust that the comparisons and information presented in this article facilitate your decision-making process when selecting an affordable dance pole. PFD After Sale Support distinguishes the brand from its competitors, offering exceptional value. Our commitment to our customers is reflected in the quality of our support service.

Is it safe to buy used pole dance? Here at we highly advise against purchasing a used dance pole and instead we recommend to look for an affordable dance pole instead. Used dance poles might seem safe at first glance but they might be warped, rusty and the joints might be damaged. Here at our dance poles are affordable and it comes with limited parts warranty which is an assurance to our quality.

Pole dancers with high ceiling height do not need to worry. Because All PFD poles are compatible with the 500mm extension. Read the below chart for more information on PFD poles and their heights.

=====> Shop for PFD Poles <=====

PFD Screw Together Joint Poles Comparison Charts


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