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The Best Freestanding Stage Dance Poles – Full Guide 2024

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Discover the top freestanding stage dance poles in our 2024 guide. This is a complete review of the top stage dance poles as well as comparison video and more.

If you are looking to buy a good portable freestanding dance pole with a stage base, then you will need to know your brand options paired with what works for your unique needs to buy the right freestanding stage for you.

The average portable or removable dance pole requires suitable floors or ceilings for installation. Freestanding portable dance pole stages provide a solution in such cases. Extremely high ceilings pose difficulties or make it impossible to connect the pole to the roof for some people. Others choose not to attach the pole to the roof due to the presence of a false ceiling or the risk of damaging a rented apartment or studio’s ceiling.

What Are Freestanding Stage Dance Poles Exactly?

What is a stage dance pole? In short a stage dance pole is a vertical pole installed on a podium base, allowing dancers to set up their dance pole at any place without a need to have a ceiling. This type of dance pole can be used both indoor and outdoor.

Freestanding portable dance pole stages consists of a stage dance pole with a base that is usually 1 to 2 inches high. Certain freestanding portable dance pole stages reach a height of up to 4 inches and possess sufficient strength to withstand the impact of various lifts and tricks performed without requiring a ceiling. Moreover, it can be set-up anywhere your performance is set to be.

The freestanding portable dance pole stage has a few drawbacks: it is not only more expensive than floor-to-ceiling portable and removable dance poles but also presents challenges in terms of storage and has a height limit of up to 10 ft. Nonetheless, if pole art is your life passion or bread and butter it is definitely worth the investment.

So you are probably wondering, what are the different brands and manufactures of freestanding dance poles?

And what are the advantages and disadvantages of each freestanding dance pole brand?

It is not easy to decide which freestanding dance pole is best for you, and it is certainly not a light-hearted decision. Freestanding dance poles have a higher cost compared to the standard dance pole kit found in homes, so investing extra effort and research is definitely worthwhile to determine which pole best fits your situation.

So let’s go over what’s available to choose from and the advantages and disadvantages of those choices.

Advantages of Choosing a Freestanding Stage Dance Poles with A Stage Base

  • Highest Portability.
    They are THE BEST dance poles for maximum portability. You can take them to the beach, dance on them in the backyard, take them to your friends’ bachelorette party and more! The average portable dance pole used in homes will put pressure between the floor and ceiling, this limits where you can take your pole. When you buy a freestanding dance pole, you don’t even need the ceiling at all! Heck, you can set up and dance almost anywhere!
  • Does Not Damage The Floor.
    Does not damage the floor and can be used on almost any level surface. The legs of the dance pole stage are plastic and/or rubber coated making it safe for indoor flooring like hardwood or tile for example, leaving no marks behind. You can also take it outside in the dirt if you want, just be sure the ground is somewhat level 🙂
  • Suitable for All Skin Types and Weather
    Comes in different dance pole finish types for improved performance and grip depending on your needs.
  • Does Not Need Ceiling for Installation
    You don’t need to worry about a slanted or vaulted ceiling because they don’t attach to the roof. That means no need for vaulted ceiling mounts like you would on a friction fit dance pole. Got a false ceiling?  No problem – again, the freestanding dance poles don’t attached to the ceiling so false ceilings are never an issue.

    More on Advantages of Buying Stage Dance Pole

  • You can dance in nature!  If you love time for yourself and family in nature like I do, you can take your freestanding dance pole with you and get your Zen on while dancing. It’s truly and UNBEATABLE experience.  You can watch an outdoor video tutorial on how to manage your dizziness while learning to pole dance that is done on a freestanding dance pole here. You can hear the birds chirping in the background.
  • No need to worry about stud finders or finding joists! The standard friction fit dance poles that go in most homes need to be installed under a ceiling joist, even if they are fully portable. You don’t have to worry about that headache with a freestanding dance pole.
  • The podium stage base platform offers a consistent, stable, and flat dance surface. When you are doing things like pirouettes, you will know what that feel like every time. It’s a far better feel as opposed to pole dancing on carpet and other flooring types.

Disadvantages of Choosing a Freestanding Stage Dance Poles with A Stage Base

  • COST.  Freestanding portable dance poles with stage bases are a LOT more expensive than your typical friction fit type portable dance poles used in homes. Plan on paying between $700 and $2000 depending on the type of freestanding dance pole you choose.
  • They aren’t the BEST option for extremely short or low ceilings. The average dance pole height for a freestanding dance pole is roughly 10ft and that includes the podium stage base height.
    You CAN shorten them, however, most woman do find that shorter dance poles are no as fun to dance on and can limit your ability to execute more advanced pole dancing tricks, especially when inverting.

    More on Disadvantages of Buying Stage Dance Pole

  • They are heavier to lug around in comparison to a friction fit type dance pole. The standard good quality friction fit dance poles weight around 40lbs. Just the stage base alone (without the panels and dance pole insert) weighs more than that by far.
    The stage bases are made of heavy duty metal and while they do come with convenient carrying bags, it’s best to have a cart or a friend help you transport it. Carrying bags with wheels are very helpful and something to look for when shopping for your first freestanding dance pole with a stage base.
  • There is more “flex” in the pole when you dance on them. This scares some people and it’s something you have to adjust too, especially if you are used to dancing on a pole installed under a ceiling joist in your home.
    The only part holding the dance pole vertical is the stage base. Without the support of a ceiling, the pole WILL flex and move. It’s normal and many people dance safely on a more flexible freestanding pole, just know that it’s a little freaky at first. Use a round pole dance crash mat for extra safety if this worries you too much.

Freestanding Stage Dance Poles Brands & Options

The biggest part you need to know is that there are a lot of high quality manufactures of freestanding dance poles with stage like X-Pole, Lupit, R Pole, Platinum Stages, and more, however, not all are shipped from the USA and therefore shipping these large items will be a lot more costly if you buy from a dance pole brand from over seas.

Manufacturers in Europe are the leading manufactures for dance poles and most of them were tested over there before every even being brought to the US. Europe is a great place to buy a dance pole from, just be prepared for the added shipping costs.

On that note, you don’t NEED to buy from Europe. There are a few dance pole brands selling freestanding dance poles here in the US that work awesome!!!

What are the best Freestanding Dance Poles? A good freestanding dance poles should have a sturdy base and durable joints as it is not being screwed against the ceiling and is freestanding.  

There are two main freestanding dance poles or stage dance poles that are the most durable and reliable pole brands in the market;

  • X-Pole X-Stage
  • Lupit Stage Pole

Here are the best dance pole brands listed in order from what we feel are the BEST freestanding dance pole:

X-Pole X-Stage Is The Most Adjustable & Versatile Freestanding Dance Pole

X Pole who are the “leaders in pole and aerial fitness” currently has 2 versions of the freestanding portable dance pole stages namely the X Pole X-Stage Lite Freestanding Dance Pole Kit and the X Pole X Stage Standard Stand Alone Dance Pole Kit. X-Pole is a worldwide brand so you can buy these almost anywhere in the world. Just find an X-Pole dealer near you.

There is hardly any difference between the 2 freestanding portable dance pole stages. They basically have all the same features except that the X Stage Lite has a base frame that is 4 inches from the ground which increases the pole height to 9 ft. 8 in. Moreover, owing to its name, the X Stage Lite is half the weight of the X Stage Standard.

freestanding stage dance poles 
X Pole X Stage Lite and Standard Difference Comparison Review

X-Stage Features Include:

Lyrapole Lollipop X Pole Stage aerial equipment Hoop
  • Two different podium stage base heights as you can see in the photo above.  Both bases have legs that can extend out to be long, or pushed back in to be short. Longer legs increase the stability of the pole, especially when there is a lot of circular force while dancing in swinging movement or inverting.
  • Several different finish types for improved performance and grip including brass, chrome, pink and black silicone, and stainless steel.
  • Three different pole sizes of 40mm, 45mm, and 50mm. Keep in mind that not all finish types are available in ALL pole sizes.
  • X-Joints which are known for superior joint stability for years. You must use a hex key to LOCK the joint in place.
  • Both spinning and static dance pole.
  • Comes with portable carrying bags WITH WHEELS. (remember I said wheels make things easier)
  • You can use this with the Pole Lyra Lollipop Hoop!  A unique feature with these stages.
  • Cost: $699.99 – $1500 excluding shipping. Depends on what finish type and pole size you get. World Wide shipping available. Great option for USA

Not sure what dance pole finish type to choose? No problem, you can read an article on how to choose the right dance pole finish type for you here =>

Is the sizing confusing too? No problem, you can read an article about how to choose the right dance pole size to fit you best here =>

For more on the detailed specifications of the X Pole X Stage Lite Freestanding Dance Pole Kit you can go here ==>>

For more on the detailed specifications of the X Pole X Stage Standard Stand Alone Dance Pole Kit you can read it here ==>>

Lupit Stage Freestanding Dance Pole Is the Most Portable & Easiest To Install

Lupit free standing dance pole stage base with long legs

Lupit is a new comer to the US and has now made their dance pole stages available here! They offer a different variety of freestanding dance pole with some features you won’t find at X-Pole.

This stage varies from the X-Stage in that it’s  MUCH easier to install, more resistant to rust and a lot more lightweight making it more easy to transport (especially for us girls).

Lupit Stage Pole Features Include:

  • One size in 45mm.
  • One finish type in Stainless Steel.
  • Both spinning and static dance pole.
  • A Short or Long Leg Stage base Variation.
  • Portable Carrying Bags are OPTIONAL, lowing the initial investment cost. However, they don’t have wheels.
  • Dance Pole Joints that simply push together!  Making them the easiest pole to put together and take apart by far!
  • Cost, roughly $999.99 excluding shipping. World Wide shipping available. Great option for USA

For More Detailed Specifications of the Lupit Stage you can go here =>

Looking for a Lupit Dance Pole Video Review? You can watch the Lupit Classic dance pole review here to learn more about the Lupit pole features and installation.

Here is a side by side comparison video review of the Lupit and X-Stage Lite Freestanding dance poles:

YouTube video

Platinum Stages Freestanding Dance Pole

Platinum Stages has been around years and make a freestanding dance pole, however it’s as portable as the other dance poles but it’s a lot more customisable. In fact, they actually sell the X-Pole Stages too in case their dance pole doesn’t meet all your needs.

top stage dance poles 
Platinum-Stage_free standing dance pole with square stage base

Platinum Stage Features:

  • High quality steel SQUARE frame.  Stage base used to be round with panels similar to the X-Pole, however, it appears they don’t sell it anymore 🙁
  • Both spinning and static dance pole.
  • Genuine high polished stainless or genuine high polished brass pole.
  • Two available sizes of 45mm or 50mm.
  • Lower body weight tolerance of 250lbs, again, this pole wouldn’t be suitable for doubles training.
  • Can be custom cut – a huge plus and something you don’t see in other freestanding pole options.
  • Has custom features to include siding for the stage base, lighting (which I find super sexy) and other surfaces.
  • Fully Portable with Wheels.
  • USA shipping available and US based.

Learn more about the Platinum Stage here =>

R Pole.  Also known as “Strada” and “Studio Fit” Poles

The R Pole is a British company and while they have a great reputation, they don’t have a US division meaning you will pay a LOT more for shipping. They also don’t put a completely flat stage base on the pole. It’s just the exposed metal frame on the ground.

R Pole Strada Features Include:

  • Installs very quick! less than 60 seconds, no tools required. It’s a simple two piece pole.
  • Static Only Dance pole.  (meaning it won’t spin)
  • 38mm or 40mm pole size. Great for smaller hands or enhanced grip but not the industrial standard for pole dance competitions.
  • Bare metal frame base. You will need a mat to cover it and even if you do cover it, it won’t be a hard flat dancing surface. This was a turn off for me personally. It makes pirouettes harder to execute. The mat is not required and you can dance outdoor without the mat if you want to.
  • More lightweight than the other poles since it doesn’t come with metal stage base panels.
  • Lighter weight dance pole with a lower body weight, not suitable for doubles training like the X-Pole Stages are.
  • Includes Travel bags, with no wheels.
  • Cost: E695.00 – Not a cheap option for those of us in the USA.

Learn more about the R Pole here =>

How To Choose The Best Freestanding Dance Pole Size (Diameter)

Choosing a dance pole size, which is the diameter of the pole for a freestanding dance pole with a stage base isn’t any different than choosing a dance pole size for a pole in your home. The size of the pole is what fits your individual hand size best.

Not all freestanding dance pole brands will offer all available sizes. Some brands only have 42mm and 45mm while other freestanding dance pole brands will have a range of sizes from 40mm all the way up to 58mm with every size in between!

To make the process easier for you to choose the best size for you, in a general sense, the  most common size that people buy and works best for general use is the 45mm dance poles. 45mm is also the industrial standard for pole dance competitions.

50mm dance poles are usually harder to grip, because they are bigger but some woman prefer them because that is the standard size used in strip clubs.

53mm & 58mm sizes are usually silicone poles. Silicone poles are used by people who want to pole dance with clothes on or perform advanced tricks.

40mm dance poles are great for people with very small hands  : )  You cute people!

Here is a great article that goes into detail about the various sizes and will help you further understand how to choose the right dance pole size for you =>

Ensuring proper after-sales care is one of the most important aspects when purchasing your dance pole, regardless of the type and brand. At, we not only offer after-care services but also provide free pole dance lessons that accompany your purchase.

How To Choose The Best Freestanding Dance Pole Finish Type

The most important thing to remember about choosing a dance pole finish type is that it will drastically impact your grip. Finish types also range in color and although it may be tempting to choose a pretty color, the grip of that type of finish may not be in your best interest.

The metal and material type of the pole can be easier or harder to grip depending your your skin type and environment. Yes, this is where it gets a little harder to understand which freestanding dance pole to choose because when it comes to finish types, what works for one person, may not have the same effect for you.

Where to buy stage pole? Depends on the brand of the stage dance pole you selected you can either buy them from the main supplier or through authorised distributers.  


This is the most common material is chrome dance poles. It’s chrome electroplated steel. It’s used on pole dance competitions, general household use in home, garages, and apartments.


Brass dance poles are gold colored pole that tarnishes easy over time. Needs to be cleaned with Brasso periodically. The advantage is a rustic gold color along with a superior grip! If you live in a cold environment and have extremely dry hands – or super sweaty hands, you will be able to get a better grip on this finish type. If the pole gets too warm, it can be too grippy.

Stainless Steel:

Stainless Steel dance poles are expensive and looks identical to chrome but it last longer because it’s stainless steel. Hold up best against rust, especially in humid environments. It can be harder to grip than chrome and depending on your environment and skin type, you may need extra grip aid. Stainless steel poles are considered a great pole for people with skin allergies to metal.


Silicone dance poles have a silicone sleeve that is placed over the top of a chrome pole (no it can’t be removed).  The silicone looks and feels a lot like the silicone bakeware in your kitchen and has the BEST grip. In fact, you can slide on it all. It’s best for very advanced pole moves where you need superior grip of you plan to pole dance with your clothes on. Usually come in pink and black colors.

Titanium Gold:

Titanium gold dance poles have a shinier surface than the brass and does not tarnish like the brass does meaning it’s less maintenance. The grip is better than chrome but by no means as grippy as the brass.

Powder Coated:

Powder coated dance poles consist of a colored painted surface that is sprayed on top of a chrome pole. The powder coated paint offers better grip compared to chrome. However, on hot days, sliding down the pole too quickly can result in significant grip that may cause uncomfortable pole burns. Powder coated dance poles are available in various colors and typically come at a more affordable price.

Here is a great article that goes into depth on the various finish types and how they can impact your grip so you can learn how to choose the BEST finish type for your skin =>

Frequently Asked Questions

Are freestanding dance poles safe?

Yes, when they are installed correctly according to the freestanding dance pole manufactures installation instructions : )  Most mistakes happen when the user doesn’t take the proper precautions to install the freestanding dance pole right. Also, just be aware of your own safety conditions.

Nobody can predict if you experience will be safe. For example, if you are pole dancing outdoors in the blazing sun and have worked up a really good sweat, common sense is to take a break to control your sweat because we all know that a sweaty body won’t stick to any dance pole (except silicone).

Are freestanding dance poles with bases portable?

Yes, Yes, and Yes. Most of the major brands will be portable freestanding dance poles with carry cases included to make portability easier.

Can I take my freestanding dance pole outside?

Absolutely!!  People do this often. You can take them to the beach, to your friends bachelorette party, Birthday parties, in the back yard, etc. Your imagination is the limit!

Will the stage base damage the floor?

Not usually, the bottom legs are made of soft plastic – like some of the plastic leggings on a couch or chair in your house.   Freestanding dance pole are heavier but it’s doesn’t hurt the floor under normal circumstances.

Can I make my own freestanding dance pole at home?

DIY freestanding dance poles are a bad idea unless you know what you are doing. Most people attempt to do this by using electrical conduit pipe from the local hardware store. This will leave you had grungy and black every time you pole dance. If you attempt to paint it with spray paint – it gets really hard to grip.

Other disadvantages of a DIY freestanding dance pole:  You will lose the spinning action of the freestanding dance pole (unless you know all about bearings and can modify your diy pole on your own which most people don’t).  The spinning feature of the freestanding dance pole is one of the most beautiful and fun parts of pole dancing!!  You don’t want to be without it.

Additionally, you will sacrifice the ease of portability, not to mention that it will not have the same visual appeal. Considering the significant amount of time you would spend trying to figure out how to build a freestanding dance pole at home, I don’t believe it’s worth the effort if you value your time.

Are freestanding dance poles spinning or static?

They are usually both spinning and static dance poles : )


Freestanding portable dance pole stages can be very convenient for those who would like to make pole performance their source of living. It’s very easy to install and it doesn’t destroy the floor and the ceiling when you attach it. With any of the available choices for freestanding portable dance pole stages, you can certainly create your own stage and shine like a star, whether it’s in your own home or a public park!

Where to buy a portable pole dancing pole free standing? Depends on the brand you want to purchase you can find it on their website or you can use an authorised platforms that helps distribute the said products. 

You can check out the following link for all types and brands of stage poles as well as all stage pole parts; Click Here 

Life should be fun and you should enjoy your pole dancing to the fullest. These poles are a heavier investment, but I have never regretted the extra cost!  I don’t think you will either : )


Shop for all freestanding dance poles with stage bases here =>


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