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Pole Fitness Dancing ( is a pole oasis founded by Danna Rossi and has grown over the years to be a leading provider of high quality products, unique content, and a full oasis for all things related to pole fitness. Read on to know our range of products and services;

pole dance tips how to choose the best dance poles for home or fitness use for saleDance Poles and Aerial Accessories

Our dance poles and aerial accessories consist of multiple brands, you can shop from our safe, reliable and affordable pole line as well as branded poles from leading pole brands such as X Pole, Lupit Pole and Lil Mynx. Our products are the best we can find. We don’t sell or recommend ANY items that have not been tested through our personal use for safety and effectiveness. Click here to browse our Shop Site.

dance stripper poles for home pole dancing lessons kits tutorials and suppliesPole Dancing Lessons

Shop lessons from our Online Pole Dancing Lessons Series and get access for life with no recurring subscription fee!  Our lessons are designed to guide you through pole dance classes at home. In these lessons, you will learn basic pole moves, spins, tricks as well as dance stretches, toning exercises, and pole dance routines. The pole dance routines are broken down into individual easy to follow lessons!  These lessons include professional dance instruction with the foundation of ballet.

View an example of one of the online pole dancing lessons HERE.

A girl practising pole fitness while hanging from a pole using hand grip gelDance Pole Accessories and Pole Wear

If you are planning to buy a dance pole or you already have, then perhaps you would like to explore the accessories section of our shop. There you can find equipment and accessories for your pole fitness/dancing needs. Shop our Grip Tac, Crash Mats, Pole Wear and more. Our customer service agents will be more than happy to guide you through your pole dance and aerial equipment selection.

Subscribe to pole fitness dancing blogPole and Aerial Dance Blogs, and more!

Subscribe to our blog for fitness tips and updates on new product, promotions and discounts. All the articles on our site are written with great care, devotion, and love. You will love our comprehensive and detailed product reviews, tips to grow as a dancer and pole dancing tips and techniques to master both static and spinning pole as well as pole choreographies. Subscribe to our blog HERE.

Check out for more info.


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