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The Best Pole Dancing For Beginners Routine

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How to choose a pole dancing for beginners routine? Here we will learn how to identify a good beginner pole routine. Also enjoy our FREE pole dancing routine.

How do you choose the right pole dancing for beginners routine? Jump in to learn how and get FREE access to our specifically designed pole dancing for beginner’s routine. Depending on your dance background, or lack of, you want to choose the right teacher to learn beginner pole dancing from. Our best advise? find a teacher or lessons that teaches you the fundamental elements of dancing using proper form.

Pole Dancing for Beginners Routine

In the heated excitement of discovering the joys of pole dancing and learning new pole tricks, beginners tend to skip learning the proper postures and ‘rules’ of dancing. This is especially when it comes to lessons on proper muscle engagement and learning the right posture and form in dancing.

Skipping these fundamental lessons will result in dancers later finding out that they need to unlearn bad or incorrect forms that are harder to shake off now because they have been ingrained in your movement memory.

In case if you are wondering; What Pole Is Best For Pole Dancing? Static | Spinning | Dual Function, check out our blog on the same topic.

a girl in standing by a dance pole thinking How To Pole Dance For Beginners | Dance Pole Lessons VideosHow do you choose the right instructor or lessons for you?

A good tip before choosing the lessons for you is to find out the teaching style of the instructor. It’s also useful to find out how the lessons are structured. Why? This will play a big role in your ability to follow along the instructions and achieve the goals of the particular lesson.

You can spot a good teacher when you see one that can simplify and break down dance routines and movements into clean smaller elements. Not only that, watch how the dance instructor execute their movements. It should be controlled and consistent with added elements such as appreciation of flow and musicality. This way, through lessons with the instructor you will grow and learn to appreciate the proper forms and dance elements.

A Girl Thinking About The Top 10 Tips For Beginner Pole DancingCan I teach myself pole dancing?

Many have done so, and so can you. If you already applied our tips to find the right lessons and instructor to learn pole dancing, you can set up your home pole and get started. Just make sure you know the safety aspects of pole dancing at home. Such as proper warm up, a safe pole set up, and crash mats. Learn more about safety tips for home dance pole here.

A girl thinking How To Prepare For Pole Dancing & How To Pole Dance?How do I prepare my body for pole dancing? 

If you don’t yet have access to a dance pole, you can prepare your body for pole dancing using the tips in this article. If you already have a dance pole, the best way to prepare your body is by pole dancing! Start with the fundamental lessons like proper standing and walking posture and form, beginner upper body conditioning exercises and beginner tricks and modifications

a female pole dancer with pole wears contemplating to pole dance with her pole dancer friendsHow many times a week should I practice pole dancing?

There is no doubt that a quality training schedule will yield faster results in your pole dance journey. However, every body is different so find out what works for you. You need to take into account your level of fitness and pole experience, lifestyle and other commitments. Also, when planning your weekly training schedule, it is equally important to plan rest days. It allows the muscles you have been working on to recover and prevents overworking your body. And this will in turn prepare your body for its next workout.

How do you start a pole dance routine?

You can develop your creativity and own style by choreographing your own dance routine. Also you can enjoy improvising movements to songs that you like. Most dancers find it useful to film their routines. This is to better their movements and performance. You can attend pole dance classes in studio or online to learn new dance routines. When you learn a dance routine online, you can do it at your own pace from your own home.

Our online beginner’s pole lessons and routines comes with a simple step by step breakdown. Here is a FREE beginner pole dancing routine by Danna Rossi. The routine is called the PLAY & WIN POLE DANCING ROUTINE FOR BEGINNERS. You can easily follow along and learn. Click on the images below to take you to each of the 5 part beginner friendly dance routine series. Hope you enjoy it and share your routine with us on Social Media! 😉

Enjoy Our FREE Beginner Pole Routine

A female pole dancer is getting ready to learn Pole Dancing Routine For Beginners A girl stretching on a stage pole and getting ready to learn basic pole routine for beginners A girl posing by the pole and getting ready to learn basic pole routine for beginners A girl sitting on a pole and practising to learn basic pole routine for beginners A girl dancing on a pole and practising to learn basic pole routine for beginners


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