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Lupit Round Pole Dance Crash Mat Review for Safer Pole Dance Workouts at Home

by | Apr 21, 2017 | 7 comments

(Last Updated On: August 25, 2018)

For those who practice pole fitness, one of their primary concerns about following this dance exercise is safety and for good reason. Pole fitness involves quite a number of aerial tricks or acrobatics which can be quite dangerous. The risk of falling is high especially when you don’t do your pole fitness tricks progressively with proper form and posture.

Having someone to spot you while practicing your pole fitness routines is great. However, when you’re doing pole fitness dancing at home having a pole mat or crash mat is convenient. It can stand in lieu of a spotter thereby, cushioning your fall (when you do) and lessening injuries.

Pole mats or crash mats as they are popularly called are basically a modified gymnastics mat made to suit the needs of pole dancing enthusiasts. Mainly, a hole is cut in the middle so that it goes around your dance pole. The shape of a dance pole mat is normally round. Nonetheless, we do get a random square or rectangle mat in the market.

When choosing a good pole fitness mat it is always advisable to look at the make of the equipment so that you get your money’s worth. Ideally, they should be at least 2 inches minimum but most studios and gyms utilize a 4 to 6 inches thick mat which is intended for heavy use. Pole mats should also be around 4 to 5 ft. in diameter so you can stretch in comfort. Moreover, this provides for a bigger landing area.

Here at, we take your safety seriously and only recommend and sell products or equipment that have been tried and tested by the masters of this industry.

Lupit Round Pole Dance Crash Mats are top of the line mats designed by pole fitness professionals and athletes. They are also made by a world-renowned dance pole manufacturer who only has your best interest at heart.

The Lupit pole measures at 4ft and 11 inches in diameter with a thickness of 8 cm and 12 cm. It is compatible with any pole size from 40mm, 45 mm to 50mm. Moreover, it is also made of high-grade EPE foam and vinyl cover promising to be strong enough to support your weight and soften the impact when you fall. Furthermore, since it is made with vinyl cleaning and disinfecting is a breeze!

What I also love about the Lupit dance pole crash mat is that it has an anti-slip fabric which makes sure it doesn’t move while you are using it.  It has a foldable design for quick and easy set-up and storage. A stitched handle also ensures portability in use.

Unlike other poles though, the Lupit Round Pole Dance Crash Mats are also in different colors from black, pink, silver, and gold.  It’s totally a durable eye-candy. No wonder, Marion Crampe endorses it!

Lupit Round Pole Dance Crash Mat Features:

• TWO Sizes of 12cm (4.72″) Thick OR 8cm (3.14″) Thick
• Diameter is 1500mm (4ft 11in)
• Made of premium quality fabric.
• Lower surface is made of anti-slippery fabric to ensure the Mat does not move
• Fast installation.
• Designed to be folded together and carried around – easy portability.

Dimensions of package: L: 77cm (2ft 6.3in), W: 77cm (2ft 6.3in), H: 50cm (1ft 7.6in)
Weight: 10,65kg (23.47lbs)

Available Colors:
• Pink
• Black
• Silver
• Gold


  • Thick and durable making it great for advanced tricks.
  • Have Unique colors like silver and gold you find anywhere else!

• Expensive compared to other brands.

Are you interested in having one of your own Lupit Round Pole Dance Crash Mats? You can buy here! =>>

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    • Danna

      They are awesome! The silver is my favorite color!


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