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Pole Dance Fitness – The New Face of Pole Dancing

by | Apr 25, 2017 | 2 comments

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A while back I was researching on the internet about topics to write regarding pole fitness. I feel that sometimes it’s also nice to look around and see what people are actually looking for regarding the topic instead of writing what I think might be a good angle for my business and patrons. (There’s a big difference between giving you what you want and what I think you might want. But I do believe there should also be a balance between the two.)

In my search, I stumbled upon an article on The Guardian about pole fitness being the respectable face of pole dancing. Now, this article really caught my attention because not only does it speak about a sport I love, it also speaks about a very controversial issue on the suitability of the dance in mainstream society.

Pole fitness has already gained momentum in the fitness industry. Never mind that it has its roots in what people call as “exotic dance.” Classes have been opening up in private studios, community centers or even online so you can do a pole dancing workout at home. Moreover, its celebrity fan base like Carmen Electra, Lindsay Lohan, Emma Watson and Teri Hatcher has women joining classes although men and children as young as 3 are also welcome.

A class usually starts with a warm up with stretches similar to the ones used in gymnastics and ballet. It then progresses to climbs, slides, and kicks. The physical demands of pole dancing make it a very intense workout with choreographed routines providing cardio whilst lifts and tricks offer muscle tone.

People in the industry especially the International Pole Dancing Fitness Association has really worked hard to revamp pole dancing’s image with a thrust of including pole fitness in the Olympics. However, in spite of its newly found status of respectability a lot of people still see the dance pole as a tool to engage in lechery and that I think is very sad.

Although there were a lot of positive comments regarding pole fitness, there were also a number of harsh criticisms one being that the porn industry has managed to wriggle itself to the majority.

More than health and fitness, pole fitness dancing has been an instrument of empowerment to women.

I know this may be confusing to some especially when it has clearly objectified women for years, but yes, it is enabling. I am a testament to its influence.

In my own point of view, pole fitness isn’t just all about being sexy, it is being comfortable in your own skin; learning how to love and accept yourself not just for the aesthetics but also for all those things that make you unique from stretch marks to saddlebags. Furthermore, it changes your outlook by diverting your attention on your insecurities and transforming them to your unique capabilities. This renewed self-confidence in itself is sexy and a healthier and fun way to keep fit.

Pole fitness teaches you self-control by holding not just your body in the air but your attitude as well. You also begin to look at other women with greater appreciation; no judgments making you walk taller because you know you are helping build each other up instead of tearing each other down which pervades our social milieu as women. This, in turn, builds stronger and more cohesive friendships among us.

I know in any field you do get a share of detractors, pole fitness isn’t any different but I do hope that people can be more forgiving and give the sport a chance.

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  1. Farley Griner

    Pole fitness dance with fitness. It gives you the strength and fitness both. It is more than fun.

    • Danna

      Yes it absolutely is : )


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