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Supplements To Treat Your Unique Symptoms For Quick Fat Loss & Abounding Energy

We have talked about how understanding your symptoms can lead you to the root of your health problems and once you are at the ROOT then rapid fat loss, an immediate abundance of energy and permanent life/body transformation takes place. Treating your symptoms while you are learning what underlying root problem(s) exist is a great…

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The LAST Diet Plan You Will Ever Need To Get The Body You Want

Pretty bold title huh?  It’s true though.  Just exercising alone isn’t’ enough to achieve body transformation.  I’m going to talk about some eating plans that could literally reshape the way you think about food, diet plans, losing weight, and sculpting your body into the one of your dreams.  So keep doing your strengthening exercises on…

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Pole Dancing For Fitness When You Lack Upper Body Strength

I hear it all the time and its very common for women to feel discouraged or worry about how their lack of upper body strength will impact their decision to use pole dancing as exercise, especially when they are exercising at home. It is very normal to make the assumption that you need good upper…

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Determining What Pole Dancing Pole Size Is Best

Buying a dance pole (AKA stripper poles) to learn pole dancing at home for fitness or competition can be a large investment for some people so you will want to know you are making a wise purchase. With that in mind, here are some tips to help you decide what pole dancing pole diameter and…

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Safe Flooring Types For A Home Dancing Pole

People often ask about what types of flooring are safe to install a dancing pole on. Is it safe to install on carpet?…. Hard Wood? Laminate? Linoleum? Tile? And on and on. Buying a pole dancing pole for your home is an investment in your health and the last thing you want to do is…

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Why Posture And Form Are Critical To Your Pole Dancing Success At Home

It is even more important for people learning from home to study good posture and form than a person learning in a local pole dancing class because there is no live teacher in your living room telling you what to do or correcting you. When you go to a live pole dancing class, a good…

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Pole Dancing For Beginners Lesson in FloorWork

When you first start to learn pole dancing at home, you begin by learning the basic pole dance spins, move, grips, and holds. Pole dancing for beginners can get taxing on the arms very quickly. Often times, a beginner can completely fatigue their arm muscles within 10 minutes by repeatedly practices new pole spins and…

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All of her videos give me inspiration to pole dance! You can tell her passion is genuine and it is so great that she gives these videos for such a low price. As someone who can not find a pole lesson even two hours away from where I live, she has taught me in the comfort of my own home. I’m so glad to have come across all of this just by watching one youtube video. Pole dancing has given back to me in more ways than one.

Emily May 24, 2017