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The Truth On Pole Dancing For Kids | Is Pole Dancing A Sin?

by | Jan 21, 2013 | 2 comments

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Pole dancing for kids is trending. Some people ask; Is pole dancing a sport? or Is pole dancing a sin? We’ll discuss these topics in this article.

The short answer is, pole dancing is not a sin. Using a pole for fitness and keeping physically fit and healthy is a positive and great decision to make. Some also ask, is it appropriate for children to do pole fitness? Children or kids pole fitness dancing classes can be a controversial subject. Especially, since as pole dancing is seen by many as a sensual art form. And more specifically associated with the stripper industry. However, it is important to know that pole dancing and pole fitness has become a large part of the fitness industry. Moreover, with kids pole dancing classes now being offered in many countries in the world.

Is Pole Dancing for Kids Good?

Every sports has its own pros and cons. And more specifically these good and bad points can vary if kids are the subject.

It is common for parents to send their children for Children’s Dance or Gymnastics Class. But can children partake in Kids Pole Dance and aerial activities too? To decide if pole fitness is an appropriate sport for your kids/teenagers it would be beneficial to know more about the history of pole dancing.

who invented pole dancing History of Pole Dancing and Spinning VS Static Dance PolesBrief History of Pole Dancing

The modern concept of pole dancing came about from different origins of pole sports/dance in history. There was the traditional African tribal ritual where women used wooden poles in tribal dancing. And then there was the Indian Mallakhamb, a predominantly male sport. Mallakhamb is mainly to build endurance and gymnastic strength using a pole. The Chinese Pole was used in China to showcase great acrobatic and performance tricks like leaps and gravity defying tricks.

The 1920’s circus caravans and exotic styles of pole dancing saw the popularisation of poles being used poles in sensual dancing. Came the 21st Century, the emergence of pole fitness became more popular with international pole dancing competitions and pole organisations began to recognise and establish pole sports as a branch of pole fitness.

Overtime, society developed different views on pole dancing but one thing that didn’t change was the growth in the use of the pole as a mainstream fitness activity. As history shows, the pole was not designed for one single purpose. It is really up to each individual to define the style and use of the pole that suits their interest and needs.

My Kid and Pole Dancing

When I started pole dancing 5 years ago, my daughter was just 1 year old. She has been observing me using the pole throughout her childhood. And she can now do basic climbs, spin on the pole and perform certain acrobatic moves. To her, using the pole is like swinging in a playground. Should she ever develop an interest in pole fitness, I would not hesitate to find a suitable trainer and fitness class for her.

Kids and Youth Pole dance is internationally supported.

This fact is perhaps an assurance to parents out there. Especially, knowing a group of professionals studying, observing and guiding the pole instructors. One of the big organisations in this filed is the International Pole Sport Federation (IPSF). IPSF is a not-for-profit organisation and global governing organisation for Pole Sports.

This organisation has been positively promoting pole as an athletic sport. Moreover, they are setting in place a format that is accepted by international sports governing bodies. For instance; the Olympics Committee to grow and promote the sports. Organisations like the IPSF and other national organisations have also started offering courses for pole trainers to gain certification to coach children and youth in pole sports using proper formats that safeguards children.

Some parents are concerned about the skin exposing attire needed for pole dancing. However, as all pole dancers know, skin exposure is necessary for certain movements. And this way you’ll have a safer grip on the pole. Comparatively, there is no difference between children’s pole fitness attire and the attire used in other children’s sports. For example; gymnastics, and swimming. Provided the child is learning at a credible and safe studio or environment, this should not be a cause of worry.


The truth is, the pole is nothing more than a vertical apparatus that can be used for multiple purposes. Pole fitness dancing promotes a joyous attitude, a stronger physique, better musicality. And above all a sense of balance and stability. Kids find it absolutely fun to play on a dance pole! These are all things a child could enjoy with their peers.

Here’s a an interesting video of a talented young kid performing during the pole competition. 



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    I agree, its what you make it! Also, has any of the ranters even asked the kids how they feel. Probably not, just think about it.

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