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Pole Fitness Dancing For Kids

by | Jan 21, 2013 | 2 comments

(Last Updated On: May 29, 2017)

Children’s or kids pole fitness dancing classes is a controversial subject and for good reason. Pole dancing has originally been used in the stripper industry. Even though pole dancing has become a large part of the fitness industry, it still carries that stigma of its original sin.

Is pole dancing a good sport for kids?

Many people argue that allowing children to pole dance is training them to become strippers. Furthermore, they argue that it is educating them how to use this dancing in the same ways that a stripper would. But is this really true?

Do video games train your children to become murderers? They are learning how to use a gun, how to kill, and how to be violent in many ways. Does this mean they will become angry and take that aggression out on their classmates? I think time has proven that this answer is no.

Video games don’t breed murderers any more than pole dancing would breed strippers.

Pole dancing has become a fun and very valuable source of exercise. We live in a world where our kids are spending too much time indoors and not enough time being physically active. There isn’t enough of a variety of ways to make physical activity fun and appealing. If kids feel like exercise is no fun, chances are they won’t do it at all.

Pole fitness dancing makes exercise fun for both kids and adults.  It’s easy to get into and something you can learn to do at home with your kids.

Another common concern among the public is that pole dancing is too sexual for children. Pole fitness dancing classes can be sexual, but that is not always the case for every pole dancer. Just like regular types of dancing, the type of dancing done is age appropriate.

Just like teaching kids about their own sexuality and potential sexual encounters, sexual education on any level should come when the child is ready to be educated about that subject. Only the parent would know when that time is allowable. For that reason, children’s pole dancing is not taught in a sexual fashion.

Children’s pole dancing classes are classy, clean, fun, and respectful – not to mention full of fitness. Check out this video below of the children’s pole dancing championships competition for an example.

People around the world have already started allowing children to enjoy this new and wonderful fitness trend.

Just like anything in life (and even dancing in general), things can be done trashy or they can be done with dignity and respect.

Pole fitness dancing promotes a joyous attitude, a stronger physique, better musicality, and a sense of balance and stability. Kids find it absolutely fun to play on a dance pole! These are all things a child could enjoy with their peers.



  1. Haley

    I agree, its what you make it! Also, has any of the ranters even asked the kids how they feel. Probably not, just think about it.

    • Danna

      So True <3


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