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Mens Pole Dancing for Fitness and Exercise

by | Jan 23, 2013 | 0 comments

(Last Updated On: May 29, 2017)

For everyone who thought pole dancing was just for girls, think again.  Pole fitness dancing has become a coed sport.  Men’s pole dancing is for exercise, for fitness reasons and is a competitive sport.

Pole dancing doesn’t always have to be sexual.  While it has been a very sexy way to dance, especially for a woman, it isn’t always used that way today.  The fitness industry has taken on pole dancing as a legitimate sport and that makes it fair game to everyone including children and men.

Men’s pole dancing isn’t nearly as smooth and sensual as woman’s pole dancing.  Men naturally have a lot of strength, to begin with, and therefore, they are able to do a lot more pole tricks than a woman can.

They can climb the pole (while it’s turning) with just their hands while their body isn’t touching the pole at all.  I have even seen videos where men come completely detached from the pole, twist their body in athletic poses and then re-grip the pole before falling to the ground.  These are dangerous stunts but thoroughly entertaining.

Men’s pole tricks are an act of superhuman strength and seem to defy gravity, something woman can do but not like a man.

Another misconception among the public is that men must be gay if they pole dance.  While I am sure that there are gay men who love pole dancing, it doesn’t mean that this sport is restricted to only gay men.  Pole dancing is for straight men too and most men know how pole dancing is a great workout.

There have been ex gymnasts who find pole dancing a new and fun way to express themselves and maintain physical strength.  It is a nice change for men who previously spent hours swinging on gym equipment.  Pole fitness dancing is more musical that gymnastics and definitely encompasses a lot more tricks and poses.

The audience loves strong and daring pole tricks just like they do when they go to the circus.  In fact, many men in circus acts use poles to do their tricks and wow the audience.  Pole dancing isn’t really new to men at all.  It’s just that pole dancing has such a stigma of feminine sexuality to it; so much that you don’t hear of men pole dancing.

There are many things in life that start out perceived as bad but then end up having good qualities.  There is a lot of judgment about pole fitness dancing and who is allowed to do it.  There is also a lot of controversy as to if it is even ethical to allow pole dancing as a sport in the Olympics.

The bottom line is that anything is what you make of it.  If it is bad in your mind, then that is the only place it is bad.  It can be view entirely differently to someone else and that makes it completely ethical.

A good example of this concept is video games.  It was initially viewed that video games (and even music at some point like Marilyn Manson) were dangerous to children.  They are learning to kill, become violent, and are spending less and less time outside which leads to health problems.  From this point of view, one could say that video games are bad.

On the flip side, time has proven that children do not become murderers from killing people in video games, that exercise is a choice and can be found through sports games like Dance Dance Revolution, and video games bring families together by offering different musical instruments each family member can play as a group as seen in Guitar Hero.

Things are a point of view.  Just because things initially appear bad doesn’t mean they will remain that way or create bad consequences.

Pole dancing is for everyone and has value to everyone; it’s up to you to decide if that value fits you personally.  And in case you didn’t know, you can learn pole dance at home with your wife as well!

If you haven’t seen mens pole dancing then take a look, their strength will wow you!


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