(Last Updated On: May 29, 2017)

Learning how to do pole tricks and different pole dancing moves are some of the most rewarding and beautiful ways to get exercise. Pole moves vary in difficulty and range from very basic beginners tricks like the Fireman Spin that full figured woman can enjoy all the way up to superhuman tricks that the pro’s use like the Eagle Contortion move.

In our pole dancing lessons, pole moves typically start very basic and are mixed in with a lot of floorwork and other general movements like pirouettes on the floor. In the beginning, you spend lots of time learning about flexibility and how it plays a huge role in your ability to execute different pole tricks as well as becoming more balanced in your turns, pivoting on your feet, and practicing good dance posture.

What is good dance posture? This is a crucial part when you begin to learn how to do pole dance.

A good form consists of keeping the shoulder muscles engaged during pole exercise so that you don’t strain the tiny muscles in the rotator cuff. Simply “hanging” on the pole without proper muscle engagement can overstretch and tear the shoulder muscles.

Other good pointers for good posture includes keeping the lower abs engaged so that the hips are tucked slightly under and the spine in lengthened. Knees are soft, not hyperextended and you should not hyperextend the elbows either. Always keeping a neutral alignment in the arms and shoulders is critical to injury prevention and being able to execute the pole dance moves in a way that looks professional.

When you learn how to do pole tricks and other pole dancing moves, never skip proper dance technique and posture.

This is like the foundation on which a house is built. If you build the foundation of a house with concrete that will crumble under pressure, then the house won’t last once it’s built. The same is true for your body. You must prepare a good physical body, a strong body when learning how to pole dance in the beginning. If you don’t, you are at risk for serious injury or you just simply may not get the results you want such as a toned body, weight loss, or a professional look when pole dancing.

Proper posture and good dance technique will ensure that you will do a good pole dance and become a better dancer. Your pole dancing moves will look sleek and sexy.

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