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Have You Ever Wanted To Try Pole Dance For Fitness?

Thinking About Pole Dancing For Fitness?

Have you ever watched a pole dance routine and wondered to yourself if you could possibly learn how to make shapes with your body on a vertical pole, or dance on/around a spinning dance pole? I have. I know thinking about pole dancing as a beginner can be scary, but if you’ll spare me a few moments of your time I’ll tell you my story and explain why pole dancing for fitness could be the BEST thing you’ve ever tried.

As a Beginner I Was Excited, But My Family Wasn’t Supportive

My name is Misty. I’m married, have three children, and I’m currently 47 years old with no dance background. I was raised in a conservative family, and never considered that one day pole dance fitness would become such an important part of my life. My family wasn’t supportive of my decision to start pole dance fitness in the beginning, but I was determined.

Three years ago, I watched a YouTube video that inspired me to ask myself the same questions I asked you in the first paragraph of this article. I was inspired by this dancer’s grace, her routine was beautiful and classy. I wanted to be able to emulate that and have the same graceful control of my own body. You can watch the same video here…

YouTube video

While watching her dance, I wondered in the privacy of my thoughts if I could possibly execute some of those same moves. I didn’t know if my body was capable of pole dancing, I only knew I wanted to try.

How I Started My First Pole Dancing Workout At Home

After much thought and research, I purchased a dance pole, an Xpert XPole 45mm chrome pole that can be either static or spinning mode for home use from The purchase came with free online beginner pole dance classes which included pole dance for beginner’s routines. I was able to learn everything I needed from this website to begin my pole dance fitness journey, from purchasing the right pole for my needs, to learning how to install the pole safely and correctly. On top of all that, I learned what types of clothes work best for pole fitness. I was ready to begin my new journey.

What To Expect, Benefits, And Tips For Beginners 

In the beginning I couldn’t pull myself up on the pole. I lacked upper body strength. I couldn’t do a single push up, but strength developed over time with consistent practice. I followed along with the beginner lessons and looked on YouTube for other strengthening exercise videos that would be beneficial. I found this one…

YouTube video

I didn’t like the music, but the exercises were just what I was looking for. I performed 2-3 workouts a week. I would start with the warm up found in the Pole Fitness Dancing beginner lessons, then follow with the YouTube video. I’d mute the video and play music I liked on a different device. I would finish my training session on the pole for 30 minutes or until I became tired.

Is Pole Fitness Good Cardio?

I soon found out that pole fitness was an excellent cardio and strength workout. After a few sessions I had memorized the exercises, and that’s when the warm up sessions became more fun. I no longer had to watch the video while exercising. It allowed me the freedom to focus on the music and the moves. After 4 months I was strong enough to execute a controlled inverted chopper with a controlled dismount. This was only the beginning.

Because I was never bored with my home pole sessions… I stuck with it. Now, I can lift my body’s weight on the pole while upside down and spinning. I’m able to execute intermediate and even a couple of advanced pole moves, and at this level the cardio and strength benefits have increased significantly compared to when I first started. Better balance and increased flexibility are also added benefits, a new found self-confidence, and an ever-changing body because pole dance fitness grows muscles. I’ve gained a passion for spinning pole, and met new friends from all over the world who share the same passion. It has been one of the best decisions of my life and I’m happy every time I get to pole. I never felt that way about a gym workout.

It’s Your Turn To Try Pole Dance For Fitness

If you’re looking for a fun and challenging cardio/strength workout, consider pole dance fitness. Regardless of your strength level, age or gender, If you have the desire and willingness to try and learn new things…. you can learn pole dance fitness in the comfort and privacy of your home at your own pace.

Once you decide that you are open to new possibilities and want a fun and challenging workout that’s never boring, you’ll need to decide on the best dance pole brands

I wish you all the best on your pole dance fitness journey.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you.



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