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Shred Fat Quick With This Diet Plan Timing Secret

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I’ve known a good number of diet plans that has been going around the health and fitness world. Most are focused on having that “limited carb intake” – depriving you with the yummy carbs stored in your kitchen. Yet, here comes a very unlikely diet plan called The Half Day Diet that advises exactly the opposite: You can feed yourself with and eat carbs as many as you want to!

Yes, you read it right! But don’t get me wrong and rush straightway to your fridge to get those carbs. The Half Day Diet is something like your favorite dish you order over and over again in a food chain has its “secret ingredient”. And putting it into a diet plan term, it’s called a “strategy”.

Nate Miyaki, a fitness champion, who is behind this weight loss program said in his words:

“Really what you need is to enjoy your carbs strategically, at exactly the right times, to exit the carb-loop, eliminate cravings, and accelerate weight loss while only “dieting” for half a day…”

His Wife Is Able To Stay Lean With a Desk Job Doing This!

Now you know it’s still actually going through some strategically planned diet to make your mind and body believe that you are “on a low carb diet” even when you are not really on a low carb diet. This then give you a satisfactory fast and easy weight loss without all the negative side effects of a typical low carb diet plan such as: some inescapable cravings and binges that results to ruining your progress and causing you to gain back all the weight you loss and maybe even into gaining more.

Put it in small words;

The Half Day Diet plan actually offers a long term fast and easy success losing body fat while eating yummy carbs with proper diet timing!

So, having that said, what else could you get from this Half Day Diet plan?

The Half Day Diet benefits

  • Only within the first few days, even after only 7 days, you’ll get result of weight loss!
  • You can enjoy eating the irresistible appetizing carbs while still losing fats each day!
  • You’ll experience better sleep at night – studies suggest that carbs may boost two brain chemicals involved in sleep: the tryptophan and serotonin.
  • Feel the freedom of a better and healthier body.
  • Enjoy a day of “low carb diet” while only dieting half day.
  • You can eliminate your excuses for eating delicious food with family and friends over dinner!

How does The Half Day Diet work?

I’ll give you a simpler approach with the Half Day Diet in this article to give you a glimpse of it, which is divided into three sections (as introduced by Nate Miyaki):

  1. Macro-Optimization – tweaking your “macronutrients” intake – protein, fats, and carbs – fitting with your needs. Right food at right time and in the right amount!
  2. Customization – applying the principle of “everyone’s unique”: personalizing your half day diet that fits you and your lifestyle.
  3. Evolution – being flexible and keeping up! As you start to get results you may need to shift to a different template in accordance to how well you progress. You may need to “level up”.

I know after reading through this you’ll come up with the question “does it really work?” Well, we both know that it will always be up to you. Most people fail because they don’t really follow through. 

It worked for me personally and it is truly easy to do!  I wouldn’t recommend anything I hadn’t tried and tested for myself.

Get Your Copy of The Half Day Diet Plan I Used Here =>

And besides, although many have already testified of how effective this is or how it has worked well with them, it is always best that you consult and work with your doctor before making any changes to your diet.



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