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5 Tips to Prevent Bloating Before a Dance Performance

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No pole dancer wants to feel nor look bloated, especially before a performance. Beyond wanting an aesthetically flat tummy, all that puffiness can certainly hinder you from transitioning between moves gracefully. Of course, bloating is normal and can be attributed to several causes. Some of them are medical—such as food allergies—and can be prevented by the right meds. However, it can also be triggered by the food you eat. The good news here is that bloating can be prevented—and pretty easily, too. Here are five things you can do to beat bloating before a crucial performance.

Eat slowly

Sometimes, dancing can very well be considered an endurance sport, especially with all the energy you need to last through numerous intervals. Usually, that means consuming a lot of carbs. This is the reason why diet plans like Half Day work—they don’t require you to cut down on the carbs. However, whenever you’re eating, remember to do so slowly. Studies on Medical News Today shows how eating too quickly can increase the amount of air a person swallows, which is what leads to excess gas. Take smaller bites, chew your food, and enjoy your meal at a good pace.

Perform some light Pilates

Pilates has always been heralded as the ideal complementary exercise for pole dancers. After all, it’s good for strengthening your core muscles and promoting flexibility—two pivotal points for pole dancing. But did you know that it’s also useful for releasing excess gas? Teaser and Swimming poses, for example, are good for crunching and stretching your abdominal muscles. Plus, they’re low-impact enough to do a few minutes after meals.

Cut back on the coffee

Like we mentioned, pole dancing is no easy feat and requires tons of energy to last through a performance. But while it’s tempting to down coffee beforehand, Women’s Health warns that black coffee specifically can trigger bloating problems, thanks to its acidity levels. Of course, you don’t have to give it up completely, and one alternative is to go for more organic choices. Pretty Me’s review of Lean n Green recommends looking out for natural ingredients, such as green coffee beans, psyllium fiber husk, and L-carnitine. Organic ingredients don’t interfere with digestion or gassing. So, you can be sure that you’re still getting the energy boost without artificial stuff interfering with your body.

Ditch the soda

Besides caffeine, sodas are another quick energy booster with their high sugar content. However, a health article on Byrdie notes that carbonated drinks upset the digestive juices in your stomach, causing bloating. If you really need the extra energy, a small chocolate bar or banana will get you the same results without the stomach ache.

Try some anti-bloating food

There are times when bloating just comes out of nowhere, whether due to prior stomach issues or sudden cramps. In this case, you can simply consume some anti-bloating foods such as chamomile tea, yogurt, and pineapples at least an hour before you dance. These foods contain either probiotics or digestion-promoting enzymes that help with digestion. All in all, bloating is a fairly common issue, but it’s easy enough to remedy if it’s nothing serious. Remember these five tips, and you’ll be more than ready for your next performance.


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