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Learning Pole On Your Own When There Are No Classes Available

It is really common for women to get stuck in a position where they want to learn how to pole dance but don’t have classes in their local area.  Learning to dance on a pole can be risky and even dangerous is you don’t know what you are doing, yet many women go at it on their own, regardless, every day of the week.

my pole at homePoling at home is a very rewarding experience and freeing in that you can dance whenever you want at your own convenience.  It can also save loads of time and money when paying for expensive lessons at a local pole dance studio.

The downslope of taking pole at home rather than with a live instructor is that you can miss out on a lot of crucial details that help you become a GOOD pole dancer and you may not get the spotting help you need at home.

Having someone there to spot you when you learn different tricks is very important.  An instructor will not only spot you but help you understand what you are doing wrong at the moment in terms of body posture.  For example, she may notice that your hips are at the wrong angle to execute the move or that your elbows are hyper-extending.  All things you cannot see when you are executing the move on your own alone.

These tiny tips are crucial to prevent injury and help you build good posture habits in the body for beginners so that learning more advanced tricks get easier.

Ever try and learn a pole dance move at home over and over and you never seem to get it no matter how hard you try?

Well, chances are that it’s something slightly off in the way you execute the move.  The arm could be out of alignment angle with the pole, or the hips could be too high or low.  A live instructor will be able to see what you are doing and help you improve.

Pole dancing classes can be very expensive.  Once way to strike a balance between learning pole at home and going to local dance classes is by taking one private class per month.  If you don’t have a certified pole dance instructor in your town, consider driving to the next town that does.  It’s only one day a month and could be a nice escape from your local scenery.

You can also use Skype to communicate with a pole instructor online to help at home.  Doing a quick search for online pole dancing lessons can help you find out where to locate an instructor who may be able to video conference with you once a month for personal tips.

In the end, studying the proper movement and posture of the dance in detail is an important element of getting it all right and avoiding injury.

It is possible to teach yourself pole dancing and learn from at home so don’t get discouraged.

Getting Started is easy!  Get out there on YouTube, connect with us polers all over the globe, and join the empowerment movement of pole dancing!


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