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While taking a class in a group environment is very fun, supportive and stimulating, not everyone has access to a pole fitness dance class and therefore people will look for self-teaching options.  The other major reason woman want to learn pole at home is that they don’t want to be embarrassed by learning to dance sexy in public.  Learning pole at home before attending class can be a real confidence booster!

Teaching yourself to pole dance is easier than you think. Pole fitness dancing is a newer breed of exercise and a sexy way to get in shape. This class is not as common (yet) as Zumba class per say, but the popularity has been increasing for years and it’s only a matter of time before every town has pole fitness dance classes.

Certification for these pole dance classes is expensive in comparison to other fitness classes. For example, Zumba costs about $200 to get certified whereas pole dance certification is $2000 and up depending on how advanced the instructor wants to get certified for. This costly certification that is required in some states in order to teach pole fitness classes slows instructor’s ability to offer pole classes to the public.

Time will change this of course, but for now, classes just aren’t as available and therefore it’s no surprise you want to know how to teach yourself to pole dance as a result.

The other reason you may want to teach yourself how to pole dance is to gain confidence about how to pole dance in the privacy of your own home. There is nothing wrong with doing this, however; you will want to do it smartly in order to avoid injury. You want to feel sexy when you are done, not like a complete goof!  It’s important to learn good dance technique in order to understand how to do a good pole dance.

So if you are one of the many whom either don’t have access to a pole dance class or you simply would rather learn how to pole dance at home, there is a solution for you.

Online pole videos are a great way to get started learning the basics of pole dancing.

You can learn several different moves and then string them together in a sexy dance routine.   Most beginners are not great dance choreographers so the very best way to teach yourself pole at home is to watch step-by-step videos of pre-choreographed dance routines to music.  You can learn the individual pole moves, but you may find yourself quickly bored and wondering how to use them when dancing to music.

If you start by learning pole with a beginners dance routine, you will learn the basic pole moves along the way.  It’s fun, it’s easy, and you will smile the whole dance as you shake your booty!

Some people resort to single DVD’s and while this is an ok option, the question is which DVD’s are best for beginners and which ones are advanced?  This is a tough question to answer since everybody is different when they start pole dancing.

MOST beginner DVD’s are not truly “beginner” for the average everyday woman looking to lose a few pounds or shed the baby weight. 

So really, unless you know a lot about what good pole dancing is, you could accidentally waste your money and buy the wrong DVD

Some woman (or men) will be out of shape and will be using pole dancing as a form of exercise to burn extra calories while others may have a fit body and want a new way of taking their fitness to the next level – level sexy!  Not all DVD’s are pole dancing for fitness, they can be very exotic and don’t have things like losing weight in mind.

So be thorough and get the lessons that are right for you 🙂

Don’t forget that you will need a dance pole before you get started, so get help picking out a safe and study dance pole for home.

Check out this great video for a great online pole dancing lesson for beginners to do at home:

Get more beginner pole dancing lessons and routines by clicking here!

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