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If you are a beginner then surely you have come across the Carmen Electra Pole. There are a couple models but most commonly known are the Carmen Electra Professional Pole and The PeekABoo Pole and in this dance pole review, we will talk about them.

Many people consider this pole when they can’t afford one of the best brand name poles for home use.  And that’s ok, but there are other options that may fit you better when shopping for  a more affordable pole.  You safety should never be compromised.

There are both good and bad qualities about this pole and it really depends on how you intend to use this pole when determining if it is truly a good or bad pole for you.

If you are a light user and don’t plan to use this pole for exercise purposes and you plan on using it as a “show” pole then this pole could work for you. It is screwed into a ceiling joist; however, the stripper pole itself is of lower quality metal, sporting plastic parts, and a wobbly install – all things that indicate that the pole will not last under heavy use.

Here is a great dance pole review video I made comparing the Carmen Electra Pole to the X Pole and the sturdy affordable no brand pole I have on this site:

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To sum up, my review shown in the video, this is what I found:

What I liked about the Carmen Electra Pole:

If screwed into the ceiling and made it more reliable, it wouldn’t be suitable to use at all if it wasn’t screwed into the ceiling. On the flip side, it kills the portable and removable qualities of a dance pole and that sucks, especially if you are renting and don’t plan to stay in your home for the long term.

I like that they made the chrome of the main pole parts of good quality, it won’t chip off and cut you during use.

The price was low and great, can’t beat that!

It’s got Carmen Electra’s butt on the box. She is hot you have to admit and it sells! BUT don’t get sucked into the sexual ads, stick to your guns and get a pole that fits you and your needs best!

What I didn’t like about the Carmen Electra Pole:

torn plastic threads on carmen electra poleThere are way too many plastic parts. Put bluntly, plastic breaks and it won’t last long term. It won’t hold up to heavy or professional use and I feel that the word “professionawrench on plastic carmen electra polel” should be stripped from their packaging … It’s far from “professional”.



The joints are very unstable and could bend easily if used during too many pole spins that require lots of centrifugal force or momentum. If you plan to learn pro pole spins and moves like the Butterfly, Superman, or metal thickness of Carmen Electra Poleany other inverting trick, I would recommend that you find a better pole to use.

If you plan on using this for exercise, climbing, and especially SPINS, get a different pole.

I prefer a portable and removable pole and this pole is not that!

The metal construction is thin and very light, all good quality poles are pretty heavy, right around 40 lbs. This pole doesn’t even weigh half that I bet!

The bearings didn’t turn as smoothly and I had to push into my spins like you do when the pole is static, only the Carmen Electra pole was in the spinning mode. Not a good sign that it will continue to turn easily year after year.

It only holds up to 220 lbs, a professional quality pole holds 350+.

Overall Thoughts For This Dance Pole Review:

Don’t go swinging on this strippers pole and if you are a heavier gal wanting to use this pole for fitness, steer clear!

It only costs about $20-$40 bucks more to get a good sturdy affordable pole that will last a long time.

If you wanted a ceiling mount that screws in, you can get one here >>

A dance pole is an investment in your joy and health; you don’t want to go cheap!

I wouldn’t buy it for myself, the choice is yours.


Need More Info?

Here is a great dance pole review video that will show you how to buy a sturdy no brand pole and what to look for in a good professional one:


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