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How to Choose a Good Portable Dance Pole With A Stage Base

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When it comes to buying portable freestanding dance poles with a stage base or podium, there are a lot of factors you need to consider first before settling on the best one for you since there are a number of choices to choose from.

There are 5 different kinds of dance poles in the market namely: permanent dance poles, removable dance poles, friction fit dance poles, portable dance poles, and portable dance poles with stages. Each kind of dance pole has their own pros and cons that are why it is important to reflect on what could be a good fit for you so you do not regret your purchase especially for more costly ones like the portable dance pole with a stage that amount between $600 to $800.

In spite of their hefty price tag, portable dance poles with a base or “stage” are a good investment especially for those who are considering making a bigger commitment to pole fitness. Portable freestanding dance pole stages are great for those individuals who want to go into pole art and pole sport and make it as their bread and butter since portable dance pole stages as their name implies are handy.

They can also be set-up in unusual places or areas where floor to ceiling portable dance poles cannot be installed both indoors and outdoors.

Portable dance pole stages can be used in outdoor settings, trade shows or in areas where the ceiling is unusually high and extending the dance pole becomes an unsafe idea. You won’t normally find it in a home compared to a portable or removable dance poles because the stage alone can take up a bit of room.

What’s also nice is besides having your own platform for your performances is that it also comes in different finishes like your normal dance poles. Depending on the brand, portable dance pole stages may come in chrome, stainless steel, silicone or brass finish. For the other 3 finishes though (stainless, silicone, and brass) the amount of money you need to shell out becomes higher. However, you have a control with this as dance pole finishes are up to a buyer’s predilection.  Here is a great article about how to choose different finish types when buying a dance pole =>

Furthermore, as with other dance poles the most important factor to consider when buying a dance pole with a platform is if it’s safe to use and will stand the test of time. Below is a more concise checklist when buying a portable dance pole stage.

Freestanding Portable Dance Pole With Stage Base Quality Checklist

1. Plastic

Like any dance poles, it isn’t advisable to buy a portable dance pole stage that has plastic parts in it. Plastic dance pole parts are extremely risky because they are not equipped to take on weight especially when you are doing swings and inverts. You can come crashing down and injure yourself which can hinder your career as a pole artists or pole athlete.   While most stages are made of a sturdy plastic platform to walk on, the actual construction underneath and the base should be made of metal.

2. Metal

Do not buy portable dance pole stages that are made with thin material as they can bend easily and break. Moreover, thin metal creates chipping which becomes a problem because it can create some nasty cuts.

3. Dance Pole Joint strength

The weakest parts of a dance pole are its joints and so it is also vital that you check them out to ensure your safety. Poles with short threads are undeniably hazardous. What you should be looking for when it comes to your dance pole’s joints is that it is made with longer metal tubes that expand and contract to hold the dance pole together to create stability.  The X-Joints are great metal construction for pole joint stability on stages – especially portable stages.

4. Stage Portability

You may or may not want your dance pole and stage to be portable.  Portability is a key feature and even if you think you don’t need it now, it can come in handy later for things like a friend’s bachelorette party for example.  The X Stage Lite is one of the lightest weight dance pole with a stage which helps a lot.  Lugging around heavy parts is a pain, however, with the X Stages, they are easy to maneuver and fully portable with carrying cases.   The lightest weight (and easiest to put together) of all the freestanding dance poles with a stage base is the Lupit freestanding dance pole stage.

Once, you have ticked off those criteria in the checklist above, you are now ready to buy your own portable dance pole stage.

The next step is to learn how to choose a dance pole stage brand, the freestanding dance pole size, and the freestanding dance pole finish type.

Use the link above to in depth review of the best freestanding dance poles with stage bases.

I would just like to note that although we would like to save money on our pole purchases value safety more as that is an aspect you don’t want to compromise on.

If you are ready to get started dancing on your first dance pole with a stage, you can get an X Stage with beginner pole dancing lessons included in the kit here = >

Or you can get a Lupit Stainless Steel portable dance pole stage with beginner pole dancing lessons in the kit here =>

If you liked our article or if you have any questions regarding it, please feel free to drop your comments below.

Happy shopping!


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