Curious Which Dance Pole Is Best For You?

A Guide To Buy A Dance Pole | Budget and Safe

by | Sep 19, 2013 | 2 comments

(Last Updated On: March 27, 2023)

If you want to buy a dance pole then you are in the right place. You probably need a dance pole for home. Here’s all you need to know to buy dance pole online.

What makes a pole dance pole safe and sturdy?

Well, there are lots of different key factors. And it is critical to you health to clearly understand how to buy a safe pole dance pole.

There are so many different poles available on the market today. Such as brands like; X-Pole, and  Lil Mynx as well as a host of look-a-like poles available on EBay and Amazon.

Should I buy used dance pole? The short answer would be No. A faulty dance pole can cause more damage to you and your house than it do you any good. This is why I highly advise you to search for affordable dance poles rather than used dance poles.

Getting a name brand pole like X-Pole Pole Dance kit is one way to get a good pole. Branded dance poles are safe to use. However, not everybody can afford the brand name dance poles. Because of this, many are tempted to buy cheap no brand pole dancing pole for sale. And that is really where people can accidentally buy the wrong pole.

What’s the difference between all those cheap pole dancing poles for sale?  And are they safe?

Here are some things I have learned along the way:

You should buy a professional grade pole if you are going to start pole dancing. Why? Because your health is of the utmost importance. Pole fitness dancing can be risky and hazardous to your health if the equipment isn’t safe. For a direct brand versus no brand, dance pole review go here.

Professional grade poles are made for tricks and inversions. They are made to take unusually heavy weight loads of over 200 pounds and were built with extraordinary use in mind. Meaning they were built for tricks, inversions, spins, kicks and other dangerous stunts that professional dancers perform on a pole.

Anything less than a professional grade pole means they have cheapened the design, made the metal thinner, used plastic parts, or cheap or no bearing at all. There is usually only a $50-$100 price difference to get better quality. One doctor’s visit if you have an accident due to equipment malfunction can cost way more than that!

You don’t need to blow your pocket book to buy a good dance pole when you learn what to look for in a safe cheaper dancer pole.

Most of the girls I know have no intentions of doing pole dance competitions on a professional level.  and they just want to have fun and get in shape. Spending a fortune on a pole isn’t necessary.

The balance between the two is a good sturdy budget pole. and Here is a great video that goes into details:

GO HERE >> to buy a good no brand pole with all the good qualities listed in the above video.

Looking for more dance pole reviews to help you find the perfect safe dance pole for your home? Here’s more:


  1. Gloria Rowe

    I am looking to purchase a pole from your website. I would like to buy a 50 mm and an extension but I don’t see it available. How can I order both from your website?

    • Danna

      Please send me an email directly through the “contact” tab. I have all sizes and extensions for X-Pole. There are so many options available with X-Pole with different finishes, different diameters (mm), different heights, and also for different ceiling heights. It’s much easier for you to contact me so I can get you the right pole for your situation rather than ordering through a site on your own.


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