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Week 3 | RECOVERING – Staying Motivated Through Life’s Changes

by | Apr 26, 2016 | 2 comments

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In week 3 I started to feel off track a bit. I traveled, work overloaded me, my relationships were a bit stressful, and I started my period so I was really grouchy! Ugh!  (Sorry if that’s TMI)  This week is that bump in the road you wish you never hit.   It’s that feeling you get … maybe like a race horse where you start running right out of the gate with the best intention, right on track, with a plan to win ….. but then somewhere during the race, you start to feel the pain of needing more oxygen and slight fatigue sets in.  In your mind, you start to struggle against yourself to endure.

With 5 weeks to go, I feel like I hit a road bump early in the game and this is a common problem for many people. 

The reason this happens is that we all start out powerfully with the best goals and intentions but many times those intentions don’t realistically have a natural fit in our current lifestyle.  That is why I am a fan of gradual lifestyle changes, not temporary diet plans to get long-term and lasting success.

The steps you take to create change in your life (or achieve a goal) must naturally fit in your current lifestyle or it will quickly become a burden you cannot carry, leading to ultimate failure in achieving your end goal.

For me personally, I have my pole dancing workout plans in order so that I worked out on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and recording videos on Saturday.  This week is when I realized that my workout schedule didn’t work for me.  I have ballet class on Monday, Hip Hop and Jazz/Lyrical on Tuesdays, and Contemporary Class on Wednesday.   Combined with work, those three days are both physically and mentally exhausting!  Stacking a complicated pole dancing workout in any of those 3 days just sets me up for failure.

In addition, summer is here and I want to go out and enjoy the weekends and be social in my community!  Recording on Saturdays will quickly take a back seat to outdoor fun activities in my life because that’s where my heart is.

Long story short, I only worked out two days this week and that’s it.  I traveled so I didn’t follow my meal plan exactly but I did get right back on track when I got home and that’s OK.  It’s ok to not be PERFECT!

For week 4 I plan to do my pole dancing workouts on Sundays, Thursdays, and Fridays because I know I am more likely to commit those days.

We all have something going on like family, kids, dating, socializing, or are involved in other activities.  Creating a workout schedule that fits around those things is possible but requires some inner attention to how you genuinely feel on each day of the week.

Your workouts don’t need to be long and hard, but they do need to be consistent.

My number one way to stay consistent and motivate myself to keep going is by always learning something new.

Humans are creators and it’s healthy for our brains to work towards something.   Picking a new pole dancing move to learn and then adding it into a string of other pole dancing moves you have already perfected can make you feel like you are getting somewhere quickly (like you are winning that race).

Here is my pole dancing combo I did in Week 3, the new move I learned was the Sparrow Hawk shown in the end of the combo:

YouTube video

In the end, it’s important to not let life’s random events drag you down.  They are going to happen.

So master being consistently adaptable while never giving up.

If you think you need to stick to a rigid plan, then when you get off track from that plan, you will beat yourself up internally and feel like a failure. ……  You’re not a failure and you must do what is needed to prevent your mind from going there.    Feeling sexy, powerful, and confident is the goal.

Please leave me a comment below and let me know if this helped you!  Thanks!


  1. Felicia Tew

    I appreciate your honesty!! I am a high school special ed teacher . For any teacher this time of the year is CRAZY!! My workout schedule has been really off!! Actually this began a year ago when we had an illness in the family. But now I have 3 weeks until my summer break and reading your entry helps me not feel defeated but encouraged to be able to get back into my workouts and my pole dancing!!! I am still a beginner but YOU have been a great teacher. Long story short, it is nice to know that I am not the only one who has bumps in the road weather it be work, family and/or PMS!!! Thanks again for all you do and being the wonderful teacher that we are Blessed to have!!! Felicia

    • Danna

      You are very welcome doll! I am happy to help and happy to have girls in the same boat. Makes us all feel more normal, accepted, and motivated! Life happens and it doesn’t always go the way we want but my philosophy is to just keep walking toward your goals, even if it’s a lot smaller steps than you originally preferred 🙂


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