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Been Trying The Same Pole Move Over And Over And Still Having Trouble?

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Learning how to pole dance can be tough sometimes, especially in the beginning.  There are certain ways that you can go about doing different pole moves to make things easier.  However, a lot of time, especially when a person is learning to dance at home, it can be confusing and frustrating to figure out how to do things safely.

Many of the pole moves require a certain degree of flexibility and strength.  Your body must be properly ready in those two areas before executing many of the moves learned in pole dancing.  The more advanced you get, then the more critical it is to have a strong grip, excellence flexibility in the legs and back as well as better posture.

When you have tried to get a move right over and over and repeatedly failed, your first step is to seek a private lesson with a pole instructor in your area.    A pole instructor will be able to take a look at how your body is moving in the pole trick and tell you why it isn’t working so well for you.

Can’t get a private pole lesson locally?

Some instructors offer a lesson online through video conferencing like Skype or WebEx.  Through a video session, a pole instructor may be able to pinpoint what you are doing wrong when executing the move.

Video lessons are not as safe as a personal private lesson due to that fact that you may not have a spotter, but the one session will give you some valuable insights so you can progress forward in your learning.

Can’t find a teacher to do video lessons online privately?

The next step is to find a good teacher selling good step by step video lessons of the move you are attempting to learn.   Choosing the right teacher is critical. You must find someone who will educate you about proper dance technique, posture, and form as well as other safety concerns.

Not all teachers stress proper bone posture and technique because they were never taught or their dancing style is more for exotic reasons rather than fitness. (No judgments here!)

Once you find a good video tutorial that walks you through the pole move step by step, examine the body alignments and posture closely.  Then watch yourself in the mirror as you execute the move (have a friend spot you if needed and use crash mats).  While you watch yourself you may notice differences between you and the tutorial.  Making the changes can get you over the hump and on to the next lesson.

Sometimes it is small things that prevent you from actually “getting” the move.  For example, if your hips aren’t properly aligned at the right angle with the pole, then the move can fail.  It’s all about balance, angles, leverage, and momentum controlled by good technique.

Don’t give up and keep trying.  Sometimes the body just needs time to get stronger and that’s ok too.  Those pole moves will get easier and you will be able to move forward.


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