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Dare To Choose YOU – And RAPIDLY Transform Your Life For The Better

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Sounds like a funny title but its CRITICAL to your success, health and well being in ANY path you choose in life.   We all want to be happy and end our days with a feeling that all is peaceful, well, and perfect; that life is a painting or sculpture where we get to have, do and be whatever we want.

But many times we all fall short of making those dreams an actual reality and you have ask yourself …..  WHY?

Why are not reaching the goals you want to achieve?

Why did you let your dreams go?

Did you really need to do it?

Why don’t those diet plans ever really last in the long term?

Why am I not full of joy and ecstasy right now in the very moment?

Don’t you deserve that?   Doesn’t everybody?

What happened?

Underneath it all, the grand failure to achieve your dreams and goals and the answer to all the questions above is because you never REALLY chose YOU.

You never really made yourself a precious, valuable choice in your daily life.

Don’t get  me wrong, I get why you haven’t, I’ve been there – heck I’m still there in some ways.  There are no judgements here.

We all have families, kids to tend to, husbands or wives to satisfy, bodies that need improved health and careers that need nurtured to pay the bills.    All these things can cause you to look away from yourself and your own value, needs, wishes, wants, and desires 100% of the time if you let it.

Now, I don’t mean that you have to ignore all the obligations above to choose you, but you DO need to find a balance and be sure that you are truly nurturing and loving yourself FIRST and that your highest choice is mixed in with all your so called “obligations”.   After all, you are the epicenter of your universe, you are the driver in your car of life.    If the driver fails to be happy, lets their health fall apart, and blatantly ignores his/her emotions then everything and everyone else in their life will suffer the consequences along with them.

Choosing yourself can be difficult because for most of us, we have been so focused on life’s obligations that we are left with an empty hole in our soul that leaves us wondering, who am I anyway?   I don’t even think I know who I am or what I want anymore.

Feeling Lost is OK – it’s the beginning of a new beginning, like a chick hatching from an egg.   If the chick focused on how painful it was to hatch, how hard the shell was to break away, and agonized over how it would be fed or who it’s mother was without trusting nature, then life would seem very dark, stressful and bleak.

On the flip side, if the chick peacefully rested in the knowing that this ‘”hatching” process was part of life and sparkled in the knowing that something beautiful is changing.   Poking his head out of the shell to see sky for the first time, the wind in his feathers that are emerging, and the smell of the earth…… then life seems like one of limitless possibilities!

Which way will you look at your  life?    Will you see the darkness in your process of life, or will you see it as a new beginning with limitless possibilities?

The first step is to see the negative things around as a process and try not to get defensive or mad about it, it won’t help you if you do.

The next step is to see the possibilities of including more of YOU in your everyday life so your dreams can actual bloom and HAPPEN for once in your life.

Choosing you and genuinely making your dreams a reality will require that you deliberately make time for yourself!  I find it’s best to do it FIRST thing in the morning with a “morning ritual”, because it will place YOU back into the #1 spot in your life, right where you should be.

A good quality morning ritual also gives you time to reflect upon your day and help you develop the awareness of where you can make better choices about including YOU back into your life.   With a very deliberate and easy morning routine, you will be making a conscious choice to not let life’s obligations run over the top of you.

Contemplate this during your “You Time” in your morning ritual:

Where did you internally walk away from what you really wanted to do because somebody else wanted something different?

When did you say “yes” to help someone, when a “no” would have served you better?

Why did you choose a diet plan that was popular as opposed to a diet plan that fits your individual health issues and your own unique desires?

Do you have a profound feeling of peace inside yourself and a love for yourself in your soul?   If not, what’s standing in your way?

Are you willing to fight for yourself and your own needs just like you would fight for your children’s health and wellness?

How can you begin to gift yourself to yourself again?   What does your soul need to sing?

Can you, will you, DARE to choose more of YOU now, regardless of how it looks to everyone else?

Please do, the planet needs your light, your talents, and your unique vision.   You are helping nobody by taking backseat in your own life.

There is room here on the planet for you to play the game the way you want to, don’t let life’s obligations treat YOU like a doormat in your own life.

With all the love and light in the world, choose you and enjoy the rest of your day.


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