I just wanted to take a moment to comment on the product and company. First off, I purchased the ‘build a pole’ (spinning), approx 12ft tall, stainless steel, dance pole a couple months ago. It has well exceeded my expectations. I was extremely impressed how the upper extension and lower pole mounted together seamlessly. Being a technician and working on high end cars I am more than familiar w/ quality parts and what works best. There is no compromise in the design of this product. The upper bearing is stout and spins amazingly smooth. And the process of disassembly and reassembly are a cinch. (Follow the YouTube video the first go around).
So after installation, for its very first use, I gave it a couple hard shakes, backed up across the room and ran full speed at it, quickly grabbed hold and spun around FAST about 4 times!. Very solid w/ little flex, absolutely no disappointment there.
I hired 4 experienced dancers for a party, and they commented that it was “perfect” and made their jobs that much easier. (Picture attached of one of the dancers feeling as confident as ever.)
Moving on to Danna and her company. The professionalism and energy she has invested in her business is easily seen. From the time she spends deciphering multiple pole brands and informing the customer in her YouTube videos, to making her customers and clients feel comfortable, to instructing lessons in her studio. She will help you figure out all the key details for your purchase and your journey and is ‘excited’ to help you meet your goals. It is her passion, and we’re fortunate to have business folks of this caliber to deal with.

Daniel Cifers

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