ok.. So my comment is going to sound like a story.. lol my name is Cassi Moore aka Karma Amillie, I came across this YouTube video approx. 2 weeks back, as for a few months I’ve been debating on purchasing a pole online, but had so many doubts and concerns, as a friend of mine (who recently passed away) purchased a pole online and it was completely not what she suspected to be, and pretty much unusable.. I use to dance for years, and stopped that lifestyle a few years back, living in sobriety and made major changes to my life. I missed the workout, the confidence, the overall mental and physical stimulation you get after each work out. I also have trust issues, I know you are going to think how does that have anything to do with purchasing a pole!?! lol it has a lot to do with it. when I saw this video, I never met Danna a day in my life, but being a sensative, I immediately sensed her genuineness, her passion for the dance life, and not only that her concern for safety and trust in the pole you are working with. THAT was a MAJOR concern I had, again I didn’t won’t to waist my money on a pole I had absolutely no use for. I reached out to Danna after ordering online, she quickly responded, we even had a little typo in my email that she said she was happy I contacted her because of this, that she was trying to touch base with me to inform me that it was sent out. she sent me updates, and also tracking number and site to ups. she is VERY professional, VERY responsible, and VERY trustworthy. (reminder: this coming from someone who doesn’t trust anyone but herself) not only that, omG I am in love with my new pole. I just received it today and assembled it, it has all the pieces she described, the great dome, and good rubber and not only that it doesn’t move at all! (I do have a flat service ceiling and hard wood floors) all my concerns were cleared. I tested it out as well, and it is very sturdy, heavy duty metal. ?????? I just wanted everyone to know, as for the last few years I thought on it, but the last few months was looking and thinking more, I couldn’t be happier. ??

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Karma Amillie

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