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A Frames, Hoops, Lyra, & Aerial Pole Fitness Equipment For Home Self Expression!

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(Last Updated On: ) has now added aerial equipment to the shop and encourages pole dancers to expand their love of pole dancing into the aerial dancing arts!

What is Arial Dancing?

Pole dancing is a mystifying body art that brings out the hidden charms, grace, strength and sensuality. The people are getting aware of the fact that pole dancing means more than just a club art; it’s a complete body workout that keeps your body in the best ever shape, no matter what your age or gender is.

Climbing the pole, propelling the body weight and doing the acrobatic tricks makes them use the full body strength, tone their muscles and improve their flexibility. It can indirectly cure many health issues too.

X Pole A Frame For A frame for aerial fitnessThere are certain things that have vital importance in this sport art, such as the right kind of pole fitness clothing attire, proper training and regular practice. You can find all the right kind of equipment’s, clothing, pole dancing lessons and guidelines at one stop and that is Pole Fitness Dancing.

There are certain additions to this pole fitness activity that makes it even more sensational and exciting; the aerial equipments such as the X Pole A Frame used with the single point aerial hoops, double point aerial hoops,  and X pole aerial silks, all or which can be used with the Aerial A Frame both inside and outside the home.  All these items together make the perfect portable aerial silks rig.

Want to add aerial fun on your home pole dancing pole?   You can add aerial silks to your home dance pole with the Silkii!

The aerial fitness art makes it even more of a fun and allows the dancers to express their art with the free expression while being expended in the air like an acrobat in the comfort of their own home.

They can use these equipment safely and comfortably to take their talent to the next levels of this fitness art and enjoy their skills freely. Pole Fitness has introduced all of these high quality and authentic aerial pole fitness equipments to make it more unique and interesting for everyday polers at home.

Why to Use Aerial Pole Fitness Equipment At Home?

The new range of aerial pole fitness equipments  is in fact a sincere effort to evolve and develop the pole dancer’s love of this amazing experience. They can freely express their skills and talent in the air with the help of these aerial pole dancing equipments and activate their core muscular strength, stability and flexibility.

Although it may feel difficult and intense in the beginning but once you have practiced the basics of the aerial pole fitness techniques it can prove to be the ultimate workout experience that involves physical and mental abilities too. It provides you the opportunity to explore and practice those workout skills which you can never do while being on the regular vertical dance pole.

Did you know you can turn you X Stage vertical dance pole into an aerial hoop?  Yup, it’s called the X Pole Lollipop!

Lyrapole Lollipop X Pole Stage aerial equipment Hoop


In addition to the  X Pole Line of aerial equipment that was listed above, Lupit has also added a new aerial line!! You can now purchase a Lupit Aerial Lollipop for your Lupit Stage. It comes in either a powder coated finish or stainless steel! For safety reasons Lupit does suggest that you us the Lupit Pole Stage Long Legs with the aerial lollipop.

A woman exercising on a Lupit Lollipop for her Lupit Stage


Lupit has also added this new Aerial Lyra Hoop to their new line! This Aerial Hoop comes in black powder coated or stainless steel. Aerial artists can use this hoop to perform various acrobatic elements all while being used statically, rotating, or swinging.

A man on a Lupit Lyra Hoop


Another new addition is this Lupit Aerial Silk. This can be attached right to your Lupit Dance Pole Stage! Lupit has their own line of silk attachments that can be used to attach the Lupit Aerial Silk to your stage.

A woman practicing on her lupit stage with silks attached.


The Health Benefits of Aerial Pole Dancing

There are multiple health and fitness benefits of using aerial pole fitness activities as it increases the upper body strength, core strength, flexibility, muscular toning and limbs mental and physical coordination.

Men and women of any age can start this highly expressive and useful physical fitness practice not just to cure their health and fitness issues but also develop a spiritual connection to their body through this acrobatic aerial dance.

Regardless of whether you are a current pole dancer beginner or a seasoned professions, adding aerial fitness equipment to your pole dancing workout can be one of the must fun and liberating ways to get fit fast!

So get started today and enjoy!


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