I purchased the Pro-Quality Dance Pole and am very pleased with my purchase. This pole is sturdy and is ALL metal–no plastic anywhere. It arrives well packaged. I feel confident about its quality and strength. It was important for me to find a pole that was easily and quickly removable because I would be putting it up and taking it down a couple times a week. Once I found the stud where I wanted to have my pole, I just made little marks on the ceiling and floor. When I want to put the pole back up again, I just look for the marks and reinstall it in the perfect place again. It is a matter of a few minutes to put it up and take it down.

My only issue with the pole is the small set screws at the base that you need to put it for the static mode of the pole. The screws stick out a very tiny bit–maybe a millimeter. Even that millimeter can scratch the skin or snag your clothing if you are gliding down the pole. I contacted Dana and she responded right away and sent me a new couple of set screws. She is responsible, very professional and very committed to giving the best possible customer service. Unfortunately, the new set screws are the same length and I still have the same problem, though I tighten them down as much as I can.

Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase. This is a high quality pole, that is also affordable, and is extremely easy to put up and take down quickly. The customer service cannot be beat. I have already recommended this pole to all my friends who are interested in purchasing one.

Daniella Schmidt

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