(Last Updated On: June 27, 2018)

As this recovering series wraps up for week 8, I can’t help but feel like it’s not over.  And it’s not; there will be another series with step by step video instructions on how to do a pole dance routine for beginners coming up next.  However, the main reason it’s not over is that a pole dancing workout is a journey, not a dead end goal.

Many times when we start a new diet, a workout plan, or some weight loss plan, we get attached to the end goal.  The end goal could be more muscle, could be losing 10 pounds of fat, or it could be working out on your dance pole at home 3 times a week.

When we form these end goals, without realizing it, we also displace our happiness for a short period of time as we pursue this end goal we want to have.  Now, I am not against setting goals, but what I wanted to emphasize in week 8 is to not place your sole happiness in getting the end goal.

Most of the time when we set goals to get what we want, the deadline doesn’t get met exactly on time and/or things don’t go as planned.  It’s literally impossible to form a “for sure” plan to get a goal that will “for sure” work because if we already knew how to get the end goal in our minds, then we would already have it!  But we don’t have it and that’s why we set goals.

A plan to get an end goal is a journey with an ebb and flow.

Throughout a plan, you will find our own faults, come across unanticipated roadblocks, and other hiccups that knock you off track.  When you are very attached to your end goal and getting it by a pre-set deadline, then once your plan doesn’t go “as planned” you will probably have a tendency to get very discouraged and give up like most everyone else does!

If you want true change, you cannot give up.

It’s ok to make a “loose plan” and it’s ok to have fitness goals.  However, what is MORE IMPORTANT, especially if you want to succeed at getting your goal and staying on track, is that you embrace the good and bad parts of your journey to getting the goal. 

Life and plans are not perfect nor will they ever be.  I’m am definitely not where I wanted to be in week 8, however, I do know that I did the best I could given my life circumstances and that I will KEEP GOING! Because I still want my end goal!

We are all creators and magical humans.  Life is about growth that doesn’t stop!  Think about it, doesn’t grass suddenly stop growing at a certain length?  Nope, most things is nature don’t.

So why would your goals get so rigid and solid to the point that we beat ourselves up and get disappointed when things change and we grow in a different direction?

Now that week 8 of this recovering through a pole dancing workout series has arrived, I must say that this single realization is by far the biggest piece that has been emotionally healing for myself, my business, and my choices in life.

I will still make loose goals, however, my focus has become ensuring that love and joy remain in my workouts as well as remain a natural part of my lifestyle, not a forced or rigid change I must learn to follow or abide by.

Here is the final pole dance routine I promised.  I chose a song that I have been wanting to choreograph for a very long time.  I started to choreograph it but stopped many times because I wasn’t emotionally well enough to finish it believe it or not.  However, through this series, I feel recovered enough to FINISH it.

It’s important to choose music that helps you let go inner emotional barriers as well.  This will give you’re the greatest joy as you dance on your pole dancing pole.  You will know this music when you listen to it.  It will also help you feel more sexy and confident when you dance.

I didn’t run it until it was perfect, I stopped when I felt like I enjoyed the dance.  I also included a few of the pole dance moves I did early in the series while I was free styling.  I found that enjoying moves I already know brings me the greatest joy so, in this routine, I didn’t create any added stress by learning something that would be too strenuous to express joyfully.

Hope you enjoy it:

Remember, there will be a new series coming out soon where I will teach you a short pole dancing routine for beginners that you can follow along and do in your own home.

Please leave me some comments below and as always, enjoy your pole journey.

I really want to say “until next time, enjoy our wild America”.  Haha, I used to watch that show as a kid and for some reason, it just popped into my brain as I closed out this recovering series.

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