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Buying An X Pole From A Dealer Versus From X Pole Directly | Advantages & Disadvantages

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Recent Testimonial:

Just wanted to say, these videos are so beyond worth it. Given they’re included with the xpole, and it is still shipped directly from them for the same price as buying directly from them anyway, there is no reason not to buy from her. There is hours and hours of video content and they are well made. Danna knows her stuff and the videos have really helped me learn to pole dance without having to go to local classes. She is also super nice and responds to emails quickly. Absolutely recommended.

Sarah, Read Original Testimonial Here >>

I decided to write a post on this issue because I get asked this question quite a bit.  While most of the benefits of ordering here at are listed, some people are left wondering if the customer service or warranty will be affected by ordering through a 3rd party dealer.

As with many brand name products online like Keurig, Nike, Under Armour, and much more, you can buy them at several different online stores.  The X Pole is no different.

As long as you are buying an X Pole from a trusted and authorized X Pole Dealer then X Pole will honor your purchase in the exact same way they would have as if you bought it directly from them.

  • You will get the exact same warranty.
  • You will get the exact same customer support through their toll-free phone number found in their products and on their website.


With that being said, Why buy from a dealer like

The Advantages:

  1. You get beginner pole dancing video lessons included with your X Pole Kit purchase at no additional cost.
  2. When you make a purchase, you are supporting the production of more free videos. We go through a lot of effort to produce free pole dancing lesson videos (like the ones you may have already watched on our YouTube channel).  We do make a small profit from the sale of all X Pole products and that money is used to produce more online video lessons, vbooks, and other educational materials to support you in your pole fitness journey.
  3. It takes a lot of time to write articles, makes emails, produce free ebooks, and publish free information about nutrition, health, strengthening exercises, and other topics. When you make a purchase here, you are actually making it possible for me to produce more free information that supports you in the future.
  4. You are supporting our cause. I believe in pole dancing for fitness and health ONLY.  That’s why I don’t sell stripper shoes; they aren’t healthy for woman’s backs.  I don’t sell skanky clothes either.  (No pun intended for the woman who uses stripper heels, they are fun and I am not against them, I am simply trying to stay focused and adhere to the fitness and professional dance aspects of pole dancing.)  When you purchase, you are supporting Pole FITNESS.
  5. You get to take advantage of our special promotional discounts that cannot be used ANYWHERE else but here >>

The Disadvantages:

  1. I really feel there are no disadvantages in my heart. We all care here at and will do our best to serve you every step of the way.
  2. If I was to point out one disadvantage >> we don’t have the super awesome and instantaneous phone support that X Pole offers. We don’t have it because it’s expensive.  By adding that feature we would have to scale back on the production of our free video lessons and raise our prices – I don’t want to do that to my customers.  So, for now, you can chat with us online, open a support ticket, or pop us an email anytime. If you buy a product, we will call you immediately if you need technical support that can’t be remedied via email (or through X Poles phone support).
  3. Shipping times may be SLIGHTLY delayed. We submit all orders to X Pole Directly within 1-24 hours depending on the time of day.  Once they are submitted, your order is in the queue for shipment at X Pole just like any other order made directly at X pole.  We have the exact same working hours as X Pole so any shipping delay is minimal.

    Please make sure to read the shipping tab on any of our product listing for the latest processing and shipping times. 

I hope this article has helped clarify your purchasing questions.

If you I forgot something and you still have questions, please comment below!!  I will answer your questions and you will be helping others by doing so!


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