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FINALLY! Natural Low-Carb Desserts That ACTUALLY Taste Good & Burn Fat!

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(Last Updated On: October 16, 2022)

So, as you probably already know, eating low carb and ditching sugar is a great way to burn fat quickly and lose weight. That’s no secret. The problem with no sugar and low carb diets are the unhealthy sugar substitutes and substitute recipes that just taste Gross!

Sorry, sometimes health food just doesn’t taste good!

ALL my friends call me a granola and would tell you that I survive off twigs and berries; however, recently, I haven’t been as faithful to my “healthy, organic, natural, clean” diet most people are used to witnessing. And yes, I have put on a bit of weight because of it.

I haven’t stuck with my clean eating habits because deep in my heart I am tired of thrigided diets to keep a lean appearance AND I am tired of no sugar! I love sugar! Maybe I’m addicted, IDK.

Food a one of life’s great joys and while I FIRMLY believe in healthy eating and a healthy diet that is a LIFESTYLE, not a diet that comes and goes like the breeze, I am not perfect and I have fallen off the wagon. I am trying to get back on and it’s the sugar that is really rocking my world right now.

I refuse to use Splenda, sucralose, aspartame or any other artificial sweetener because there is too much evidence to prove they are toxic to our bodies. In addition, artificial sweeteners can cause a candida overgrowth in your body, leading to added weight gain and an inability to get it back off. Yes you heard me right; yeast (candida) grows more rapidly on Splenda than it does plain white sugar. Who knew, I just found out myself.

I use Swerve, Pyure, and other organic natural sweeteners to create healthy deserts that are low-carb, are high in protein, and healthy for the body.

In researching different desert recipes that use the natural and organic ingredients I like, I discovered two horrible things:

  1. They tasted awful! Yup, the coconut flour, coconut oil, and natural sweeteners sounded good in theory but I couldn’t make them taste like anything I would eat. I am not a master chef, maybe that’s the problem?
  2. I was WASTING A LOT OF MONEY on these crappy little recipes. Natural Organic ingredients like almond flours, coconut flours, good tasting stevia sweeteners, etc. are kind of pricey. While I found great deals on these organic ingredients at Wal Mart, I wasn’t very happy when I started wasting bowl after bowl of ingredients trying to make healthy protein waffles, organic low-carb muffins, and other natural yet healthy low-carb deserts.

UNTIL, I finally found the carrot cupcake recipe from heaven and decided to tell the world and spread the news so other people who have strict dietary guidelines can still burn a ton of fat while eating all-natural deserts!

natural organic guilt free healthy fat burning desertsIt’s a little cookbook you can instantly download called “Guilt Free Deserts” 50 recipes to whip up all-natural, gluten-free, diabetic-safe, mouthwatering deserts.

I just made the carrot cupcakes with buttercream frosting last night and it was DEVINE!! NO joke!

It was moist, soft, sweet, very healthy, and it melted in my mouth just like a REAL deserts minus all the chemical ingredients and guilt from blowing my low carb diet.

ALSO, the lady who wrote this also created Girl Scout Cookie Copycat recipes. I thought I had to give these babies up forever and haven’t touched them in years but she created an all-natural, healthy, low carb version of Girl Scout cookies that is to die for!! OMG!!! Who knew it existed!!!!

Give it a try >> I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


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