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(Last Updated On: January 28, 2020)

So we’ve grown a lot here at over the years and we owe it all to our community of visitors and customers for making it such a great success. Thank You!  It wouldn’t be possible without you ; )

When I first started this website it was just me, a small person just teaching pole dancing for fitness in a local studio in Wyoming.   My students would always want recordings of the pole dancing lessons they learned in class so they could practice at home.   I’m sure most of you can relate who love to pole at home.

The website was created to give them access to those lessons as well as access to all the pole dancing supplies needed to get started pole dancing at home.    Soon my vision became broader as woman in other states wanted a way to get fit pole dancing at home but had no access to local pole dancing classes.   This inspired me to help everyone enjoy the physical and emotional benefits of pole dancing.

To make a long story short, our popularity grew dramatically and we are now a transformative authority space to use pole dancing as a catalyst to gain physical strength and feel inner sexy empowerment from within.

Our team is dedicated to help everyday woman gain powerful internal confidence and their version of a sexy body image by providing processes and tools to release inner feelings of self-doubt, change negative self-talk as well as home pole dancing workouts to create a rapid increase in body reshaping strength through sensual musical expression.

pole fitness blog writer MistyIt takes a very special person to write articles suitable to achieve our goal.  You must understand and go through all the physical and emotional challenges to effectively write helpful articles for visitors.

Recently, I have added a new member to our team, anchor blog writer Misty Morris.   She has been using pole dance for fitness for years, has a true heart and affinity for pole fitness.   She is self-taught from home and will be sharing her journey to help inspire people to start pole at home, encourage those of you who have started to keep going, and provide training tips, tools, and resources to elevate both your strength and confidence.

Please take the time to welcome Misty to our team by reading and commenting on her introduction blog post. It’s full of inspiring thoughts, tips to overcome struggles, conditioning techniques, and more.

I am beyond excited to have her talented expressions on board and know that you will enjoy her too!


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