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Beauty Hacks…Right Inside Your Kitchen! (Natural Beauty Secrets)

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Women and Beauty Two Inseparable Topics

Have you ever been asked the question “What is your beauty secret”? have you experienced being told  “you look younger than your actual age”?

Every woman’s dream is to be at their most beautiful if possible all the time, but sadly there’s a lot of factors that could not make this always possible, AGING  is probably the number one culprit and as inevitable as it is, along with aging comes a lot of beauty threats such as wrinkles, dry skin, gray hair etc.

In this age of social and digital media, a lot of people always  want to be picture perfect or better yet Instagram ready  thus the inventions of apps that filters your face on  your photos, another fairy- god mother- like for many women is none other than makeup! Make up is a lot of girls’ best friend, it enhances your features, makes you even more beautiful, helps you achieve your desired look whether for formal events, parties, or just your day to day look. These beauty aids are good, however there’s really something about having a beautiful, clear and healthy skin and hair that goes beyond filters and make ups.

Did you know that many common beauty product found in the mall and Wal-Mart are actually FULL of toxins that increase aging like parabens, propylene glycol ( a fancy word for anti-freeze – you know, the green fluid that goes in your car engine) and other hard to read or understand substances?   And yes, leading brands advertise that this is GOOD for your skin, it’s a lie to get your money so beware………….

It’s important to avoid toxins in your beauty products because your skin is the primary detoxification organ and instantaly obsorbs toxins from lotions and other beauty products you apply to the skin.   Hidden toxins in your beauty product can cause you to age a LOT faster and hidden toxin in your kitchen can promote fat cell storage!

So how does one achieve a natural beauty without having to buy expensive and sometimes imported creams, soaps and other TOXIC beauty products? Or without having to go through expensive beauty enhancement surgeries? The answer lies right inside your kitchen!  And YES it’s can be just as effective!!

Going natural for beauty rituals were being practiced  long time ago, even thousands of years ago! Ancient Greece, Romans, Egyptians to name a few, each having their own ways and techniques to become even more beautiful, long before face mask existed they’ve  been using plants, fruits and natural oils as their go to beauty aids (how about mulberry fruit as lip and cheek tint?)

So, are you ready to start rummaging your kitchen to see if you have these produce?

Here we go!

What are the food that increases your beauty?

  1. Cucumber, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, radishes, melon &water melon (For smooth skin and healthy glow)

Being hydrated is very good for our body especially for our skin, after all our skin is 64% water, by eating these hydrating fresh produce you are deeply nourishing the trillions of cells in your body so staying hydrated helps the skin, making it look more youthful and smooth. Aside from drinking 8 glasses of water or more a day, consume these hydrating fruits and veggies for that smooth and glowing skin.


  1. Pomegranate, blueberries, kale and spinach (Anti aging)

Pomegranate being loaded with vitamin C helps guard against the wrinkling effects of sun damage, blueberry contains more antioxidants than almost any other food which gives your skin extra protection against the skin damaging result from sun exposure, even from emotional stress and over exercising. Kale and spinach contain phytonutrients or anti-oxidant compounds that  help guard against sun damage.


  1. Coconut oil & avocado, (For soft, clear skin)

Did you know that avocados have twice the potassium of a banana? They are also rich in fats (good kind) they contain vitamin K and folate, lots of phantotenic acid, vitamin B6, niacin, riboflavin  and vitamin C, wow, what a wonder fruit. Coconut contains kinetin which keeps the fruit young despite the fact that it’s under the sun all day long in tropical countries. Kinetin has the exact same effect on our body and keeps us young longer. You can also apply it to your skin and hair as moisturizer- such a true blooded beauty aid.


  1.  Apples, beets, chicory, black beans, chickpeas, oats (For line free complexion)

These power foods are rich in fiber, eating plenty of these will.  Keep your blood sugar stable, your cortisol under control (High cortisol can cause collagen breakdown, which leads to sagging skin)and inflammation at bay, and you’ll also keep your  skin  youthful. Fiber also helps regulate digestion and aid the elimination of toxins, so you can be light, bright and beautiful.


5.  Brussels sprouts, bokchoy, broccoli, cabbage, kale, cauliflower (For long, shiny hair & strong nails)

Any and all fibrous non-leafy (although some have leaves) usually-green vegetables that steam well and emit a distinctive, offensive-to-some odor probably contain considerable amounts of sulfur and can be called “sulfur-rich” this organic compound is essential for numerous bodily processes, including those that flood your cells with nutrients and keep your skin, hair and nails beautiful. More specifically, sulfur is required for the production and regeneration of connective tissue, and healthy connective tissue equals a plump, healthy complexion.  Also, your body can’t make keratin (which makes hair glossy and nails strong) or collagen (which keeps your skin supple and taut) without sulfur.

natural beauty food remedies for anti aging ebookWant some more natural beauty tips you can do in the bathroom tonight for fast and instant results?  You can learn:

  • A Coveted “Fifty-Cent Botox Alternative” that takes about 7 minutes to prepare, less than $.50 to make, and leaves you looking as if you just went to a Tox Party (just without those red, blotchy marks and needle marks!)
  • Which foods you can use topically (this is NOT a diet) that instantly improves the tightness and texture of your skin...
  • The Eastern shiny hair secret that blows away any shampoo...
  • The "Persian Princess" mixture that I use on myself and my clients to give your neck area a fantastic younger look
  • Tips for younger looking hands (ladies, you know how important hands are!)
  • How best to avoid future wrinkles, and how to deal with the ones you may have right now
  • The very few store-bought items I recommend (there are not many)... and ladies, these are not required (I just wanted to be thorough)
  • Simple "add this food" tips that will help you slow the aging process... and no, this is not a diet (personally I don't enjoy dieting at all, but I love these tasty foods!)
  • The real reasons we age faster than we should, and what you can do about it, starting today...
  • And much, much more...

To know more about Natural beauty secrets check out this link: The Beauty of Food

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to give up fun foods like cookies, brownies, and pastries.  

Learning to cook desserts in a healthy, guilt-free way still promotes weight loss and health =>

Health will keep you away from many different illnesses, from gaining unwanted fats, and like what we’re talking about in this blog, it helps us to become even more beautiful. Not just for the sake of perfect looking selfies but more importantly to develop a balanced and healthy lifestyle by eating fresh and nutritious food, exercising and doing the things that will uplift your soul and spirit.


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