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4 TIPS To Get A Man Obsessed & Attracted To You With EASE

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You’ve probably come across articles about dating or how to attract the guy you don’t know, or that guy at work, or the man of your dreams kind of stuff.  There’s a ton of writings available in the form of books, magazines & online articles that talk about such topic. From what clothes to wear,  to the right words to say during first date, to the things to avoid so as not to turn off the guy that could be your future husband/partner.

But ladies, is there really a secret to attract men or to make them head over heels in love with you?

Or is it just right timing peppered with luck?

Is it a “one size fits all” strategy or “different strokes for different folks” kind of thing?

Do you really have to look like that famous celebrity on her magazine cover, have that coveted thin waist line you see on TV ads  or have that clear smooth skin like the commercial model that endorses different beauty products? Is it all physical beauty or there are qualities that has to be more than skin-deep?

Attracting the man of your dreams doesn’t necessarily need to start with being outwardly beautiful and having the perfect make-up on, there are men who look  not only at your physical beauty but also care about the rest of your inner qualities, and that is a good thing by the way.

The real trick is letting your unique inner beauty (energy) shine through in a confident way.   Men are attracted to this more than physical beauty in a lot of ways!

I for one do not believe it needs to be ALL physical, although a pretty face will make some men look twice (or even ask for your phone number) there are qualities that are equally important in being that woman guys would want to be around. These are the qualities that will not only attract the man of his dreams but will also make him STAY

So to start with, here are some of the qualities (that you might already have) that will help you be more attractive to men, we’ve already mentioned earlier how there’s not a one size fit all for dating and relationship so the following are not rigid rules to follow or must-have qualities but they will give you plus points into becoming the better woman that attracts the opposite sex, as well as people in general and more favorable opportunities to enjoy life.

1. Pleasant: It is defined as ‘having qualities that tend to give PLEASURE’  this is basic yet very important to note, women that are pleasant to look at and pleasant to talk will have more chance of striking a conversation with worthy men.

To look at: you can be stylish, simple, rugged or whatever your personality is or whatever style  fits your mood lately, but always make sure you are neat all the time.  You don’t want to be super good looking on the outside  but lacks hygiene- basic right?   Stylish is YOUR individual style that makes you feel more like YOU – not what everybody else things is pretty.

To talk to: you don’t need to be a genius to be one, being pleasant to talk to means you know how to communicate (verbally and non-verbally) you know how to listen, especially for women who most of the time tend to talk and express more.   Believe it or not, even though men are pegged as the “none talkative” type, every man has a loving soul and yearns to be heard, loved and understood just like you do.

P.S. They say the eyes are the window to your soul, so let those expressive eyes do the talking sometimes and let your heart offer some listening so both of you feel “understood” and valued.

2. Genuine: “sincerely and honestly felt or experienced” e.g. a deep and genuine love.

Who wouldn’t want genuine leather for bags and shoes?  If you desire your stuff to be the real thing how much more the person you are dating. In a world where imitations are almost normal and very much accepted, to be original is sometimes not appealing to others and to be unique is sometimes odd. But I’d take the genuine any day over the imitation.  Learn to be a more genuine person, be the real you with no pretensions. The guy you are interested in will eventually know in time whether you are honest and real or fake and pretentious.   Don’t waste your time attempting to be something you are not, if you do, you are only setting up the relationship to fail right from the start.  And besides, you don’t want to be fake to keep someone around your whole life do you?   So don’t be fake to attract a new man either.

3. Happy:  Wit and humor are always a good combo, however girls who are happy and can find humor in things are fun to be around.  Guys will feel comfortable around you and could be drawn to your smile and the joy that radiates from within you.   There is nothing more depressing to a guy than the baggage drama of your drudgery life.   Save that type of venting for your girlfriends (because hey, us girls always need to vent and that’s ok) but don’t do it on your date night : )

4. Confident:  You don’t need to be the most beautiful in your family, nor the richest in your neighborhood to be confident in yourself. This is something that develops over time; you can be awkward during your teenage years but can get past that and become more confident during your college years and beyond. Being confident doesn’t necessarily mean being loud or obnoxious.   Confident can be a silent knowing of what you know, because you know and you don’t need to speak a word to convince others that you do know.  Being confident is being able to act with self-assurance without looking down on yourself and other people.

There are some sexy secret tips that woman have used to attract men like magnets with effortless ease that go way beyond the tips suggested above.  So, I still want to share with you, something that every woman needs to here, something that was uncovered and could be a game changer for you and your dating life! Remember it’s not always about physical beauty and attractiveness; sometimes it’s what you say and do that makes a big difference between whether you go home with that guy or you girlfriend does ........

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Most Importantly, Always Remember To Be your most confident, sexy, genuine self!

But when are you feeling most confident and sexy?  How can you increase this to attract a better mate?

This will be different for every woman, others are most confident when they are playing their favorite sport or on stage performing, there are the ones who are most confident when they are sweating doing activities like climbing or hiking, others with their musical instrument on hand.   You will need to find your own unique groove.

For me, pole dancing is a great way to remind myself about how to feel sexy on the inside which raises my confidence level on the outside. 

Decades ago, Pole dancing is known for strip tease clubs or just for sexy dances, not anymore, it’s a full body pole dance workout that has a lots of superior benefits for you and your well- being above other types of workouts. Sure, it obviously strengthens your core, gives you a good  cardio work out, tones your body, makes you more graceful etc.  However, as you learn the pole moves and routine you’ll become more and more in touch with yourself and with your body in a new, deeper way, making you feel sexier and more feminine giving you more confident as a woman.

Never tried pole dancing as a workout to see you how it might improve your inner vixen, hence improve your dating life?  You might want to check this out Free Online Pole Dance Lessons Videos=>

I hope you enjoyed this fun article about dating for woman : )   Go forward, be you, and shine forth your inner beauty on your very next date!



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